Is Apple dumbing down FCP?

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      Just spotted this article on macrumors:

      Apple Refocusing Final Cut Pro? Jobs says “Next Release Will Be Awesome”

      I hope it’s not true, because I don’t want FCP to focus on prosumers more than professionals. I say this in spite of being a prosumer. Not everything is supposed to be dumbed down so that everyone can use it. FCP is easy enough if one takes the time to learn it.

      There’s iMovie for people who cannot be bothered to learn editing.

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      Nope. They’re not. Just widening the pool, and based on good business, wisely so for Apple.

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      Earl is probably correct that it is good for Apple from a business stand point to focus more on the consumer/prosumer market than on the professional which is considerably smaller. However, there is a point at which to make an application easier to use by a wider less educated audience they also make it less useful to professionals.

      This sounds like it may be a good way for Apple to just kind of give it’s market share in Pro Editing back to Avid.

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      lol! I can’t believe how much people freak out about stuff like this.

      FCP isn’t going anywhere. There are a lot of products that revolve around FCP. AJA used to only support FCP, and a lot of their products are built around ProRes, such as the Ki Pro. When they were developing the RED camera, they were focused on how it would work with FCP. And just recently, Arri announced a camera that will record ProRes.

      FCP isn’t going anywhere, nor will it be dumbed down. That is what iMovie and Final Cut Express are for.

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      And just for the sake of argument, lets say you bought a brand new Mac with FCS today. If FCP were to suddenly disappear tomorrow, there’s nothing stopping you from continuing to use the system you have for many years to come…

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      rob, sadly, you are probably right. The world would be better off without FCE at least though..

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      Well, the recent explanation by Apple seems to clear things up (phew!).

      Hopefully there will also be a new Mac Pro this year…

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      Where ever you fall in the level of editing skills – iMovie, FCE or FCP, or any of the many PC platform editing programs, there’s good, bad and ugly to be found in them all.

      Talented individuals are able to do wonders with the tools at hand, those without talent, education or experience are challenged to gain in these areas before the best or worst of editing platforms and/or software will do them an ounce of good.

      I’m with Rob, in that at whatever point any video production software I am most enabled or experienced with at the time of its demise, I can go on producing good quality video with it for as long as my system, platform and OS are compatible. If I am a profitable operation, then when such a drastic change should occur that I would have to move to another program or platform, I will have to decide it’s time to retire, or grab a new challenge and run with it.

      The sky might not be falling and the crying of wolf might not indicate danger, but I’m sure something falling from above hits somebody on the head every day, and we all run into a wolf attack from time-to-time. What’s that other cliche – just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you? πŸ˜‰

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      Grinner Hester

      All the rumors.

      Yes I could see em selling it if the offer were right. It’s not like it’s a huge cash cow for Apple. All they are doing is pulling back on marketing to the pro world. It’s not required. Post houses know the bang for the buck… hence the industry standard migration from Avid. Youngans need to be sold on it though because it seems expensive to them. That’s all this is… focusing on marketing where it’s needed and no wasting revenue where it is not needed.

      That said… man, wouldn’t it be great if Avid or adobe purchased it? But then, wouldn’t it be great if Avid worked a deal with adobe to just make AE Avid’s DVE? lol

      Sometimes it seems like these guys are doing the GM and failing on purpose because it’s worth billions.

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      Much fun as it would be to ‘fiddle’ while Apple sank into the sea…, had to take a moment to enjoy that. Anyway, this is just like I mentioned in an older post of how this was going to happen with Apple moving everything closer to their consumer markets where most of their money is getting made. With the success of their latest ‘iThingy’, it’s logical for them to try to get the attention of their primary market demographic of non-pro people ages 25 and younger to become more familiar with their higher-end products. It sort of worked for Avid when they came out with DVXpress way back when. Now they’ve fixed it so Media Composer is the ‘intro software’ of the Avid Line. Back in the day, you couldn’t look at the box it came in for less than $50k!

      So now FCP and FCS are just under $2k as software alone (but you gotta buy a mac to use them) and the best way to get younger folks interested is make it ‘more accessible’ to consumers. I would have thought that was what FCE was for, but it looks like they want to consolidate. I don’t see Apple ‘canning’ FCP anytime soon, because the software helps to sell mac’s. The nanosecond it doesn’t… it’s gone.

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      Grinner Hester

      bringing the simple answer to the question in the sunject of this thread…


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      Again, as others have said, whatever we have and use, for as long as we have it on the platform we use and it works, we can use it for a LOT of production work…

      …at least until the system dies and whatever we purchase next is no longer compatible because the OS has radically changed (I often think that, like some automobile makers, “built-in obsolescence” is intentional at the primeval levels of software/OS change ;-( ) we can continue using what we know of a given software/program version.

      Everything changes. Everything stays the same.

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      Ok guys, I’m no longer panicking πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the comments. However, I must admit I’m a bit concerned about the i-emphasis in Apple’s new business model. I love the mac (computer) platform, hope it’s not becoming a “hobby” for Apple.

      I do agree with Earl that if you are good, the tools don’t matter so much.

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