Is a Sony PD-100 for under $500 a good deal?

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      I have the opportunity to buy a used Sony PD-100 mini DV video camera with the wide-angle lens and the XLR microphone input adapter. It was used by a local television station for a couple of years, then got very light use for the last 5 years. Seems like it’s in very good condition.

      My goal is to enter the field of online video marketing, doing short (~ 2 minute) local small-business profiles that would be uploaded to their websites and other online video channels.

      Is this a good camera to learn this field with? Is $450-$500 a fair price? Thanks for your help!

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      That's a reasonable price. Actually making a Web Video Marketing for online marketing doesn't have to cost that much. Any phone that has a camera like the iPhone will do as long as the quality is clear enough and the people will see you and understand you. That will be fine.

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