Is a bargain the XH-A1s?

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    I can speak from experience having both cameras.

    .Canon…outstanding lens and the capability to have 20 presets for different situations. Excellent audio capability in the new “S” model.

    .SONY Z-5….I use this in tandem with the SONY flash card unit so it is a hybrid system using flash media and tape. .An Excellent low light and of course that SONY look.

    One is NOT better than the other except for low light usage of the Z-5

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    I use the Canon XH A1s and very satisfied. Great lens, lots of goodies. I paid 3600$ CDN but it’s now 4200$ at the same store in Montral

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    I’ve got an XH-A1. Terrific camcorder. As the previous poster says, the lens is spectacular and that’s your quality right there. If I’m not mistaken, they used this camera as the main camera for the movie Crank 2.

    XL H1 is similar, a little more expensive but it has interchangeable lenses.

    I learned a bit about the lenses online through this video:

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