Is 25MB/s Video stream overkill fro Blu-Ray?

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      When I am creating my projects, I typically render all of my color corrected/color curve corrected/ basic edited videos into the 25MB/s .m2t stream because it will render in about half real time due to the minimal recompression needed as the raw video is also 25 MB/s pulled off my CF cards. These file types I have also found to be the best for playback in Windows Media Player.

      If I make 15 MB/s AVCHD files out of my projects, the rendering takes about 2.5x real time due to the compression needed, and the files do not play back cleanly at all in WMP, they start stuttering a few minutes in.

      Yes I know you can make Blu-Ray video only streams, but the same issues I will list below apply to those as well.

      When I open up DVD Architect, and change the properties to Blu-Ray, the default bitrate for Blu-Ray is 18 MB/s. This works pretty well if I load in the 15 MB/s AVCHD (or Blu-Ray streams), as when making the disc, the video does not have to be recompressed. The discs burn in a very reasonable amount of time, but in order to do that it seems that I HAVE to use the 15 MB/s files I created. Again these take longer to compile in the first place, and just eat up space on my hard drive as I wouldn’t use them for any other purpose.

      If I load in my 25 MB/s files into DVD Architect – and manually change the bitrate to 25 MB/s to match my files, the video still has to be recompressed when creating the disc, and this takes a painfully long time to finish up.

      Is there a magic bitrate number I can type in to my preferences in DVD Architect so it does not have to touch my video stream and just get on with compiling and burning the disc? It would be nice if the 25 MB/s files had a default compatibility mode with DVD architect – which seems to be the case with the 15 MB/s files.

      None of my projects would ever fill up a BD-R at a 25 MB/s stream, and my Blu-Ray player plays them just fine, so I see no reason to have to use a 15 MB/s stream on them.

      Yes I admit I get a bit lazy and just throw my .m2t or AVCHD files into DVD architect which usually requires the audio streams to also be recompressed, but they take nowhere near as long as video. I have also used Blu-Ray Video Streams with AC3 audio streams and I see no difference in the end result.

      Is 15 MB/s Blu-Ray video that much worse looking than a 25 MB/s stream? If push comes to shove I would render all my videos to the 15 MB/s stream, but reallly do not want to because it is a huge time and HD space waster.

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