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      I’m trying to make somewhat a parody of the iPod commercials, and i was curious if you guys had any suggestions for doing it.

      I figure there would be a fair amount of chroma keying, which i’m familiar with, and probably inverse keying as well.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,


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      If you’re using Final Cut Pro, this link might provide you with some help…


      If you’re not using Final Cut Pro, well, not so much help…

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      thanks Anthem.
      yes/no, i’m using final cut express, but yes, that other topic helped. thanks a lot!


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      Hey, I had looked through this tutorial a while ago…and there are a few others at this website to take a serious look at (have a look around…I know I saw another one that uses another program than After Effects)


      Hope this helps (maybe even just a little!)

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      thanks, it looks like a helpful tutorial, but… i don’t have after effects.
      would you recommend investing in it, or motion 2? (i think the mag had a comparison too)

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      After Effects has been a great investment for me. This program can do almost anything.

      It is like Photoshop on steriods. You can create layers, etc. Basically its an effects program. It can do adjustments, distortions, keying, titles, particle effects, lightning, etc…everything an editing program has for effects x100.

      I strongly suggest you go to adobe’s website and download the 30 trial.

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      awesome. yeah, i’m familiar with photoshop, so it shouldn’t be too much of a jump. just have to save up.

      anyways, i went on with filming the mock commercial today and editing it as well.

      What I did was to first chroma key the blue screen, then invert the selection, so the dancer would be keyed. I placed a color beneath that layer (red), then exported that to a Final Cut Movie.

      Next, I imported the video I just exported, keyed the red dancer, inverted the key selection, then put a background behind it.

      The editing process was pretty simple, but I did forget to have headphones in the shot, which would make things more complicated.

      Also, I couldn’t think of a good way to find or make a background similar to the iPod commercials. I figured it would be unreasonable to try making one on flash 10. I also attempted recording the "visualizer" on iTunes, but it didn’t look good.
      So, cheaply, I put Apple’s iPod commercial behind my dancer.
      Fortunately this is just a quick high school project, so copywrites aren’t too much of an issue.

      Okay, just a few more things before the link.
      This is just the first edit. I probably will change the arrangements of the titles, and have the actor do a voiceover saying, "I have a mega headache!" just before the music fades and he takes tylenol.

      alright, thanks for reading, here is the link:

      PS. can you make the "iPod Commercial" style background in After Effects?

      Thanks Ryan, No Frill, and Anthem.

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      Looked great! I liked it a lot! And in reply, I’m sure you could make an ipod style background in after effects, it might take some time, but you could. It has a some basic 3d functions to make the pans and zooms like they do.

      It looked fun!

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      Here, I made a quick little 10 second clip just like the background (well…similar). With a little more time and better drawings you could make a real nice one in After Effects.

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      Yeah, you’re right! I see the clip but it’s kind of distructing to the eye with the orange color. No offense 🙂 I hope you can post here the new one. Wink!

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      good job. it looks just like the ipod commercials! about how long did it take to make that?
      That looks really good. Can’t wait to get After Effects.

      After thinking about it though, I’m kinda glad i chose to use the ipod commercial as the background. In a later edit, i mixed similiar shots of the iPod commercial with my friend dancing. This way, it looks like he’s one the dancers.

      Thanks a lot no frill!

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      Hey Spencer!

      It took about all of 30 minutes to make the short vid (My compy’s a bit slow on the rendering time:)

      I know the colours are no good, I really didn’t focus too much on that, I was just going for the look! You should’ve seen before! It was even worse, I think it was a dark green on a dark red…UGLY!

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