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      I’m Desiree and I am a reporter/journalist. I am looking to learn how to start shooting my own stories. I am a newbie to this so I hope I can learn from all of the “pros” on this site. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!


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      Earl Chessher is a veteran newspaper publisher and journalist, as well as a veteran independent professional video services provider. He reads a LOT, writes a LOT, interacts often with others in the above areas of interest, and is an unmarried workaholic whose lifestyle makes having a relationship virtually impossible.

      Chessher is also a blogger at E.C. Come, E.C. Go using the title of a longtime column he used to write and publish in various news publications – only now the blog is currently focused on video, making money with video, and marketing video.

      While other websites, most of them video-related, are forthcoming, his major website is at CorElAnn Video soon to be followed by two major associated sites, one focused on a national/international video business & marketing concept for event video producers, the other focused on helping Alzheimer’s sufferers, their family and friends preserve and share the many forgotten memories.

      Kicking off the Alzheimer’s project will be the book: “Alzheimer’s: Stories Mom Forgot” soon to be self-published and distributed as a sample of what is possible in this world of hurt, in preserving memories and stories that would otherwise be lost forever.

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      My name is Alex and I was wondering if anybody out there knows when will Adobe releaseCS5? I am very SERIOUS about this editing software. Thanks!

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      Hi Kids –

      I’m Bruce Paul – I started taking photos at age 6 (1960) and movies (super 8 & 16mm) at age 12 (1966). I started taking video in the mid 1980’s – back when a giant, shoulder mount camera and separate (heavy) portable VCR with 10 pound batteries were the norm. Many years ago, I studied photography in a private tutelage under Ludolf Burkhardt. I have had my stills appear on the front pages of newspapers and my video work shown at corporate annual meetings and various websites.

      A computer developer for over 32 years, several years ago I transformed a serious video hobby into a part time video business doing mostly corporate and commercial projects as well as teaching video production in private lessons and on cruise ships.

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      Travis is a Mechanical Engineer by training. I bought a video camera (Sony VX2000) before a mission trip in 2003. I now have a Sony HVR-Z7U and have done about 3 dozen non-profit videos, 1 corporate training video and (with the help of a friend) have written our first short. Hard to find teenagers who can “act” and 2 of the central characters are older teenagers (age 17-19). I do not feel qualified to write about video, but I am thankful for Chessher and others (Composite1) that do. Your insights and tips are very helpful for those of us just getting started.

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      Curtis Goldsborough is the production director for Sunrise Cable Network – a group of currently 4 separate local cable access channels. He is entirely self-taught, but wishes he had gone to school for this. I produce local programming including sporting events, community government, community events, etc. Sunrise Cable Network has partnered with local high schools to offer broadcasting classes to high school students, whose video projects are showcased on our local cable channels. Samples of my work as well as student work can be viewed on our website – I now spend the majority of my time in the classroom and with students at events they are producing.

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      Grinner Hester

      I’m a vidiot and I grin a lot.

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      My Name is Daryl Jemison I have been working in the Ukraine for the last nine years. I love making Videos. I will be returning to the states in about amonth

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      Hi everone. My name is Wolf (Hi Wolf) and I am… a Composite Media Producer! (gasp!)

      I’ve been an independent writer-producer-director for over 10 years. Prior to starting my own Co. I got into the biz as a Naval Combat Cameraman. My outfit primarily does corporate and commercial productions, but since ’06 we’ve been pushing to make films under our own banner. I also write books and now my Co. helps independent authors get their books published.

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      My name is Caio Porciuncula, I am 15 years old, and I am an amateur Photographer and Videographer. Do not look down upon me just because of my age or for the fact that i am not a professional, because in my few years being passionated for photography and video, I haveaccomplishedmuch more than you would expectfrom anormal 15 years old. Although I loveVideo andPhotography , that will not be my career. I am still to decide my future, but one thing is more than certain, <s>I will conquer the world and dominate everybody, including you all</s>this passion for this art will not cease. I own a Canon HR10 (again, don’t judge me) and a Canon XS Rebel. And even though my “rig” might not be the-super-awesome-and-utterly-expensive-piece-of-technology, people who have seen both of my Photography and Video Portfolio are often left open-mouthed in awe by my skills.

      I am Caio, and I am a Videomaker.

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      Wow Derek!

      A week in Vegas and now you’re ‘in color’ with glasses to boot!


      I don’t know about the other members, but I’m not foolish enough to ‘look down on you’ because you’re just a ‘whippersnapper’! No, no my young friend. I’ve got my eye out for kids just like you who unknowingly have the ‘horrific’ advantage of being young and able to get your hands on this kind of gear and training so soon. It’ll be guys like you who will take this stuff to a whole other level and I’m just trying to stay ahead of the curve!

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      Hi, I am Anindya Mukherjee, 31, a theoretical physicist by trade and a photographer and videographer by hobby. Although it’s a hobby, I am very passionate about (and perhaps a little obsessed with) photo/videography.

      I find Videomaker to be a good place for learning, with plenty of useful advice from knowledgeable people. Thanks for the nice site and keep up the good work; I find it very inspiring!

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      My name is Ken Carlson. I started on VHS-C in the mid 80’s making stop motion movies with my TMNT toys. Starting in high school I produced, wrote, directed, filmed, edited and acted in a public access television show called “Dammit This is Stupid.” After 8 years of that, I called it quits and took a couple of years off from video. Then I started to get itchy, and very dissatisfied with my day job. So I saved up, bought a used Canon XL-1 and started filming things for cheap. Four years later my business is doing decent, I’ve purchased two new cameras since then, a DVX-100b, and an HMC-150. I love them both, they’re amazing cameras. I also just finished a short film called “The Van Job,” which is pretty baller, to say the least.

      I figure I’m honing my skills every time I shoot or edit, so I crib from one of my favorite movies when I say “Let me never be complete.”

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      … shoot! the whole “I will conquer the world and dominate everybody, including you all” was supposed to be striked through…go figure 😀

      And thank you composite one. That’s pretty meaningful coming from a pro like you 😀

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      You’re welcome and thanks. BTW, there won’t be much left of the world after I’m done with it but you’re welcome to it.

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      shippocaio, if you’re 15 or 115 we all can enjoy and learn from eachother. That is the great thing about photography or videography. We all have different eyes and ways of looking at things which makes even the same subject completely different when we get done with it

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      gyzaman from Jamaica, W.I. mon, aspiring director/videographer 🙂

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      My name is Ed Foskey.

      I have been interested in doing video work in some form since I was a young teen. It first started, of course, with the desire to be a famous tv/movie star. By the time I was in high school, I was introduced to video cameras. I was also working doing audio work at my church and school and even some for a band.

      When I went to college (mid-late 80’s), I was a communications major and studied some basic film-making on equipment that was about a decade outdated. In my film-making class, my partner and I, along with a few actors created a video entitled, “Library Vice.” We got an A for the ONLY video production I was ever involved in.

      After graduation, I did not find a job in TV/video. Over time, I let my dream of being a videographer go by the wayside as jobs were rare and the equipment I learned on was outdated and no money access to get equipment to go forward.

      Now, about 20 years after college, I found VideoMaker in my daughter’s school magazine sale and the spark has come alive again. I am finding my way back to my dream. Videomaker has been showing me ways to turn this passion into a way of helping feed my family and pay my mortgage.

      I will be probably asking quite a few “newbie” sounding questions: Thanks in advance for your help.


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      Don’t feel bad at all. Many of VM’s readers and members don’t get to pursue their dreams of getting their hands in this stuff until later in life. You’re in good company and in the right place to ask, ‘newbie questions’. Just remember, ‘there are no stupid questions but asking the same question over and over after you’ve been given an answer is annoying!’ Seriously, I’ve been reading VMM since about ’99 and have been hanging around here for just over a year. Some of the smartest and innovative pro’s and amateurs I’ve ever encountered can be found in these forums. So find yourself a ‘seat’ and make yourself comfortable. Welcome aboard.

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      Thanks for the reply. Let me update you on the standard of “stupid questions” as my mentor in appraising taught me:

      1. (as you stated) The question asked so many times that you should already know the answer

      2. The question you should have asked but did not ask.

      It is after midnight local time and I need to rise in 5 and a half hours.

      Good night!

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      Hey everyone. My name is Alex, and although I don’t own any video equipment, or have any specialty in film making, I would like to start making some films. I came to this forum to see if I could find any local people in San Diego who make amateur movies. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it!

      Thanks and be safe!

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      Name’s XTR on the forumand a potential freelance career videographer. I’m shooting HDV, but the HD capability is rendered useless right now, as the screen cable is broken and the touch functions for setting “HDV mode” to output are on the LCD screen!

      Hey everyone. My name is Alex, and although I don’t own any video equipment, or have any specialty in film making, I would like to start making some films

      VM’s definitely the place to start. If you’re looking for acquiring a good set of shooting equipment or simple beginner’s camcorder, we are here to point you in the right direction. Just check videomaker’s home page.

      btw, I’ve heard of a guy getting the camcorder screen repaired for twenty bucks – parts, labor, everything. Does anyone know of such service? If so, I’d like to know. soonso I can either get the part and install it myself or find easy repair.

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      Hey folks, I am Daniel from Berlin. Since a bit time I’ve been
      focused on a few topics around that forum. I can’t show any high
      experiences but a motivated user who wants to learn more.

      Sometimes I can borrow equipment from friends or family and I am very
      fascinated about to work with just simple stuff on the computer. I
      would like to know more about special tools to improve or diversify

      Ok, greatings and thx a lot


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      My name is Andy. I fell into all this a few years ago after my dad passed away. I wanted to do something to honor him so I made a simple slideshow of family pics and vids and set it to music that really helped me deal with the loss. I know it sounds depressing, but I really tried to make it a positive experience. Well, as positive as possible lol. I very quickly realized that I was really enjoying making them and wanted to do more, just with a different subject matter of course. So I called my older brother that is a hot air balloon pilot and asked if I could tag along and possibly make 1 or 2 videos. He said sure and 2 years, 12 festivals and almost 40 videos later I am again stretching out into new areas. I want to keep doing my balloon videos but in a way never done before. I want to shoot them pretty much like an action movie, complete with dramatic music like Hans Zimmer. I started out using Windows Movie Maker and I now have and/or use Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Pinnacle 14 and Adobe Suite CS4, which my roommate and I bought together. Since he is a photographer and I am a video guy. I am building my own website and hope to get hired by balloon festivals around the world to come shoot everywhere. My main camera is a Canon Rebel EOS T1i that alot of the balloon pilots pitched in and bought for me to make them look better in my videos lol.

      Hi to all and greetings.


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      My names Lance and here is a lttle bit about myself. Crafters of Light Productions is a dream of mine that I have been chasing for a while now.

      After working for a camera manufacturer for over 20 years I felt I had enough general knowledge about them that I could start a hobby with video. My first videos were of those 15 second captures the early picture cameras were able to create. In wanting to get some longer sequencesI started looking around for a simple consumer grade camera and found the Panasonic HDC-SD9P (it has since been discontinued). Being used to card based storage with the still cameras, I knew I wanted to stay with that format. I had played withthe SD9Pat the local Best Buy type stores and found Amazon selling them for under $500 so I bought one. It does the AVCHD on SDHC cards and was a bear to edit because my PC at the timelacked the processor power. Editing software was having issues with it as well back at that time too. But I struggled through and made several videos I placed on YouTube so family couldsee them.The camerais small, you could almost hide it in a soda can. Even with the image stabilizing, hand held shots were not the best. I learned early on aTripod was my friend.

      After almost 2 years of working with the SD9P, I started wanting something with more manual controls and was interested in several of the prosumer cameras out there. I hadbeen savingfor several moths when I attended a video equipment show sponsored by a local professional video shop and got to talking with several of the folk there that worked with the more professional equipment. I was able to get a lot of questions answered about Panasonic’s HMC-40 with everyone saying its performance could not be beat for that price.One of the gentlemen spent over an hour showing me the features. He talked about his use of them in his ‘camera for hire’ business, about it becoming a first choice for a run and gun and no he was not working the Panasonic both.

      After talking to the sales guys at the show booth Igot them downin price, to what I had savedup,for one and took it home that day. 5 months later I still go out in the backyardtolearn newthings with it. The nice thing is I can share batteries and cards with my other camera. The bigger size makes for a more stable hand help shot. I learned it requires a stouter tripod as well.

      So, my focus is on nature and local geology. I am lucky to live in an area that is so diverse in both with so much within a 2 hour drive from home. I look back at those earlierYouTube videos and I see so many things that I didn’t do right that I am embarrassed to share them with people now. I have also noticed that when I’m out there with the HMC-40, people are a lot more courteous with me and are cautious when it comes to walking in from of the camera. It is quite different when I have the SD9P (yes I still use both). No one seems to even know I’m there taking videos the way they walk in front of that camera.<span id=”_marker”></span>

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      Wow! Been a while since I’ve checked in! Glad to see that more and more folks are finding and making use of VM.

      OK…I’m Bob Belongie, co-owner of Belongie Entertainment Enterprises (BEE) along with my wife Brenda. We’ve been on the learning curve for a couple of years now, mostly doing informational and promotional video for local agencies and non-profits. I’m using the experience I’ve gained in Radio as a reporter and news director over the past three decades, (as well as side trips into the world of home theater and professional sound/video installations), to provide me with the tools tooffer something different to my clients. I’m currently in the middle of post-production of a two hour dance show we did with a total of six cameras. I also do informational/training video as a volunteer for the U-S Coast Guard Auxiliary. If that weren’t enough, I’m also producer of a morning radio talk show, which is why I’m still here editing at 10PM. Needed a break and well here I am. 🙂

      We still do most of our work in SD on Mini-DV tape, editing in Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and FCP, depending on what’s fastest for the job at hand. When the need arises and the money is there we’ll make the investment in a full HD setup, but for now most of my clients are happy with DVD so might as well wait for the prices to drop even more!



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      Hello all. My name is Marco Aguilar. I am an Independent Filmmaker and Videographer. I just recently wrapped up production on a short horror film titled Zombie Parkour. It was guerilla filmmaking at it’s finest. We shot all around the city without any permits climbing up walls and scaffolding. Had tons of zombie extras running around the streets. Good times. I’m looking to start my own Videography Business and joined Videomaker to learn from the pros. Business is not my strong suite so I’m looking to learn the ins and outs. Things like how much I should price, how to best market myself etc etc. I look forward to getting to know all of you. Thank you.

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      Hi! My name is Martins and i am student (still in high school). I am 16, and i am newbie, trieing to start my own youtube channel. I am also in small indie game development team called “Datormania.” Right now i want just to make videos for my own fun and for fun of the other people on the internet.

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      Hi name is Michael. Electrical engineer by day, have been involved in music, and audio recording my whole life. Incorporating video now, into my recording studio now, great site for tips and tricks. I have a Panasonic Lumix GH-1, Considering buying a second one now.

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      Hello. Im new to this site so like other forums this is usually the first place to start. Im Daniel, currently going to CSUS. I am young (recently turned 20), creative (large music background), quick to learn and absorb whatever I can get. Most of all, I just want to have fun with video editing and production. :]

      I have a vision of using video editing for my business degree (marketing and/or financial advising) and career. (with a minor in computer graphics). So a fun road ahead of me.

      Christmas Im finally upgrading to a basic level of equipment which will hopefully put my talent into 1st gear. I’ve always worked with other people’s footage and I’ve been waiting for my own chance to hold a camera and use my imagination. I currently have a Macbook Pro and find a little difficulty with final cut express, but Im sure its because of lack of practice right? (Even though imovie is a piece of cake).

      I want some good harsh criticism if I can get it here and a few friends because I need to learn fast. I see this as a money makingopportunity which can be fun for me at the same time. So far I have fellow college friends who have good vocals and I can promote (or just have fun) making a music video for them. I know of a very successful interior designer whom I can showcase all of her business (close to the family). I can help my dad (once he gets a real estate license or once I get one, whoever wins first ha) show case houses for sale on the Internet. Lastly my own mother has a list of contacts of local wedding planners and photographers I can work with for a potential wedding gig.

      Im not trying to make a profession out of this (its a dream to be one, but a far stretch and a small window to shoot for in my opinion)

      If you older experienced members can help me with some ideas where to start on this long journey, I’d greatly appreciate it :] maybe some background info as to where you started, colleges or events that shaped you, and progression of your first video to your more current up to date ones?

      (email: use subject title “video editing” so I know its from this site)

      Thanks for reading I know this was long 😛

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      My name is Eugene Rohland. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

      In January this year I bought a small Sony camcorder while on holiday in Cape Town. Since then I have been on this steep learning curve attempting to learn the art of videography. My only contact with likeminded people is here, on this Videomaker web site. Videomaker ismy primary source of information.

      I have no desire to do videography professionally. What I want to record is all the family and community happenings, such as weddings, birthdays, annual holidays etc… you get the picture. However, I want to do them WELL. Why must a home video look like a home video?

      My first “serious” project was my nephew’s wedding. The second was an airshow and the third was an awesome off road trip in the Northern Cape along the Namibian border. I truly enjoy the camera work but find the editing somewhat tedious. The problem is that I do not know how to edit3 hours of footage down to a 30 minute final video. What do you cut and what stays in? I guess in time all this will become easier.

      Thanksto those altruistic members who have taken the time to assist me with some of my queries.

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      My name is Robert, a retired inventor/physicist who has
      taken up video as a hobby. I like the way it combines technology with art.
      Mostly I shoot unscripted local activities of the so called gun & run
      variety, parades, festivals, protests, sporting events, pretty much anything
      that’s free, open to the public, moves and makes noise. I look for equipment
      that I can easily carry with me on a bike or public transportation since I gave
      up driving a few years ago. Here is a list of my current stuff with a few
      comments following.


      Canon Vixia HF11

      Panasonic SDR-S10

      Pentax Optio 33WR

      Optical Accessories:

      UV Filter (always on to keep out dirt, anything else goes on
      top of this)

      ND8 Filter

      Canon WIDE-CONVERTER WD-37II 0.7X Lens


      Audio Accessories:


      ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder

      RadioShack 33-3013 TIE-CLIP MICROPHONE

      Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating


      Table-Top Tripod

      SLIK SPRINT VIDEO Travel Tripod

      Manfrotto 585 modosteady


      Lenovo ThinkPad T400 w Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz processor

      160 GB 7000 rpm Hard Drive

      4 GB RAM

      Windows XP Professional

      Editing Software:

      CyberLink PowerDirector 8 Ultra

      I like the Canon HF11 because with a ratio of relative
      sensor area per pixel for video of (1/3.2in)^2/(2,070,000) it has better low
      light sensitivity than others in the Vixia series. I have no interest in using
      it for stills. I wish it was weather resistant and this is where the Panasonic
      SDR-S10 comes in handy when I must shoot in the rain. The Pentax Optio 33WR is
      also weather proof and uses AA batteries so I usually have it along just in

      The DM-100 mounts right on the camera and is great for
      interviews. I used the ZOOM H2 to record the sounds of the Wave Organ on San Francisco Bay, it just fits in the pipe openings
      and has a drum setting to get both the very loud as well as the soft low
      frequency sounds of this unique instrument.

      I use the Table-Top Tripod as a shoulder stabilizer for hand
      held shots. It is compact and very effective. I have described this previously
      in these forums. The SLIK has remarkably smooth pan and tilt for an inexpensive
      travel tripod. The 585 modosteady is both compact and easy to adjust balance.

      I mostly post on my YouTube site <roblewis56>.


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      Hey everyone. I’m from Canada. I like watching videos on the net. I have a blog where I keep track of all the craziest videos that I find at My favorite recent find is this crazy video.

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      Hello, my name is Jeff Roldan, creator of http://www.UnlimitedStockMedia.coma solution to overpriced HD stock footage. A little over a year ago, we set out on this project and have become quite passionate about it. Since I’m involved in a lot of promotional and documentary filmmaking anyways, it’s nice to take shots from current projects and make them available (and affordable) to everyone. If any of you have been involved in any type of search for stock footage, you know how quickly it can add up!

      If anyone out there is looking for something specific and can’t find it or you have a project that we may be able to help out with, please feel free to get a hold of us!

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      William here. I cut my production teeth on a community channel television station. VHS edited with A/B roll linear technology. That was in the late 80’s. Since, I’ve a number of projects under my belt. Save for one hired gig, all that I’ve done were out of passion for the art. My latest pride and joy is a 40 minute narrative, still in post production. (Modern technology, of course.)
      To be sure, I am an amateur, with no delusions of snagging any major awards (oscar?), but I will enter festivals. Mistakes were plentiful, including recently made ones. But even pros make them.
      I listen and learn from others with the “passion”, and I’m more than willing to share my knowledge and experience.
      Keep em rolling, everyone.

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      Good intro, NDFilmer, look forward to hearing/seeing more from you on the forums, Earl Chessher

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      Jack Wolcott from Bellevue WA, just outside Seattle. My wife and I own a video production company; been in business 13 years.

      I began working with video in 1964 — closed circuit instructional TV at The Ohio State University where I worked as studio cameraman, floor manager and director, and acting in public service shows on the local NBC affiliate. Later, when I came to Seattle, I hosted a program on the arts on the local PBS station.

      Taught at the University of Washington for 32 years, using video much of the time. Did research under IBM sponsorship for 10 years, part of that time developing laser-disc productions for use in higher education.

      After we started our business in 1998, Judy (wife) and I attended a couple of the early Videomaker conventions in Burbank, mostly to see what folks who were interested in video were doing. Since then I’ve taught three production seminars for Videomaker Magazine here in the Seattle area.

      Our company does a lot of one-on-one work with people who need help creating photo montages and transferring old tapes and film to DVD. We also do a great deal of work with local and national businesses, shooting seminars, documenting construction projects and developing and shooting promotional materials that get displayed at trade shows and on the web.

      I believe Videomaker Magazine provides an excellent service to people with an interest in video, both as a hobby and as a profession. The quality of product reviews is excellent — thorough and thoughtful — and the advice to be found it the magazine’s pages is usually spot on.

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      Hello Friends,

      I am a new comer to this forum and to the Video Making World in general.

      In short, I was born in Ukraine but a half of my life I spent in Turkey. One year ago I moved to a majestic small town called Kas. Under a spell of this place I started photographing but was never satisfied with the results. Looking for my own style I found out that only video shooting can help me to create and produce those movies which path through my vision. One day I stopped dreaming, just left my job, bought a video camera I dived into this amazing world

      If you think that I will right further how happy I am, you are wrong. Now I understand that videographing is a hard work. Shooting gives my extreme pleasure but processing footages became a real hell for me. Starting from downloading the proper software and finishing with publishing my works in internet I am in total failure. I feel very lonely having nobody to ask for a help and advice. Also I have to travel alone because other people do not share my interests.

      I am lost. I do something wrong. Maybe I bought wrong camera, maybe by PC is bad, maybe I am silly? Enough emotions! The worse is the better is my slogan. My failure brought me to this forum. And hope to find new friends and meet a lot of interesting people.

      My best regards to everybody,


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      Mari, you have certainly found a good place to get help and a LOT of folks here at the Videomaker forums are going to be responding to your questions, concerns AND help and encourage when you are discouraged or depressed due to your video frustrations. You’ve had a GREAT start from SargeHero who responded to your conversion questions on another thread. Luis is a GREAT guy and knows a LOT about technical aspects of the video business. Welcome to VM forums, Mari. Earl Chessher

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      Hi my name is D0n and I’m an alcohol-…. wait-a-minute…. wrong group…

      I’m a still photographer turned video/multimedia shooter…

      have been playing with cameras for years…..

      I started hanging ’round here after I bought my first video camera, a sony hdr hc1, and have even bought a few copies of the mag off the racks (Chapters carries them on and off it seems).

      Nice bunch of people here.

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      My name is Christian.

      I am an actor/singer/writer looking to develop some new video/film projects. I am currently trying to develop a webseries so I am hoping to get some feedback and possibly offer my own with any other people’s projects!

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      Hi guys.

      My name is Dave, I’m an Australian amateur photographer and have recently become interested in shooting video with my dslr (Canon 5D ii). I edit with Adobe’s Premier Pro CS 5.5. I shoot mainly wildlife and macro stuff. I hope to learn from you guys and look forward to participating in this forum.


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      A Smith

      Hi everyone my name is Allan.I just came across this site last night and I just wanted to say hello.I have been shooting and editing video since 1991. I started my video businessin 1992 and I am having a great time. No i diden’t go to school for this I starteddoing video as a hobby. Now I specialize in multi camera remote controlled live mix events. I am wondering what everybody else is doing when it comes to shooting video.

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      Well, my name is Josh Melancon. My friend and I, Zack, have been making videos since our early childhood and haven’t stopped since. We usually learn everything the hard way, but that’s how we get a lot of experience. We usually like to make funny, action, or scary video when we feel the need to. We are both still in college and are still learning a whole lot of stuff. What we really want to be able to show through our videos is that anyone with a vision can make whatever they want. And make it cool too.

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      Hi, I’m Greg. I’ve been a commercial photographer for 40+ years. I
      am 1 of the first shooters to bring digital photography into the studio
      over 23 years ago. in the 70s & 80s I used to shoot cinema &
      video for commercial & documentary production. I found I didn’t
      have enough time to do both still & cinema so, as my passion was
      still, cinema & video went to the sidelines.

      My wife of almost
      40 years passed away & I semi-retired. This has given me the time
      to get back into video. The introduction of large format chips for
      video now gives videographers to finally get that film look, instead of
      the old up against the wall, soap feel. Much better.

      I have
      been involved with many world wide forums & find them very helpful
      & informative. Look forward to seeing what everyone has to say
      & hope some of you can help when I may need it

    • #185194

      Hi Greg, I like your name its keen

      Posted by “Gregory” Greg Watts

    • #185195
      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I thought I introduce myself after all this time, who knew? Anyway…

      I’m Luis O. Maym from Puerto Rico, currently owner of a corporation called “Xeneuxe” which dedicates to video production, mostly for the web, Internet marketing services and among other programing relating things. I’m an Adobe fan and I have been using all Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium programs since CS4. Although I know how to use Sony Vegas Pro and Final Cut Pro 7, I prefer Adobe because I can’t imagine working without After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere at the same time. I’m a dedicate and passionate person, always willing to learn something new that can help me grow. I can be a little ambitious when is time to work and I don’t know how to stop unless I finish my projects. As a business owner I strongly believe in my team members and I’m always open to work together so we can all get to the finish line. I expect great results from everyone because each have something to share with the world. In general I’m a passionate working person that likes establishing goals no matter what the circumstances are. Personally I like listening to people stories (that why I join Video Storytellers), I have basic knowledge in martial arts (Aikido) and I’m open to learn new things that will make me better than I was yesterday.
      My motto is:
      “The meaning of a movie are the characters, the life of the movie is the music, but the magic is in the editing”

    • #185196

      Everyone else is doing it so I guess I will:

      Name: Gregory D. Watts
      Age: 44
      Sex: Male
      Married: Yep (24 years)
      Kids: 2 Boys 1 Girl (passed)

      Got interested in photography at about 9 (Not by Choice) Took an interest in it later as documentation. At 14 had the chance of a lifetime. I was living in Salpulpa Oklahoma and “Rumble Fish” was being filmed. Francis acquired the use of my cousins flat for the apartment in the movie, which allowed my sister an me to get onto the set. I fell in love with watching Francis direct. I fell in love with the action behind the camera. A young and upcoming actor on the set fell for my sister, so we both got non-speaking parts. We spent the entire shooting time on the set everyday until the movie was completed in that area. It was enough for me to fall in love with the back end of the camera.

      A year later I had the chance to work on “The Crucible Key”, poor movie, budget issues, control issues, but I learned a lot even if it was never seen. I soon started shooting my own movies, which lead me to where I am today.

      I run Tasana Studios a part of Tasana Services. I shoot more for fun and personal enjoyment. I enjoy exploring the dark emotional issues of life, loss, failed hopes, unattained dreams, death, (but not these goth type people) I am working on a movie now that I will post later to give the idea. Real life type stuff, not the riding off into the sunset with the girl in arms, but real stuff. Serious issues. I have never enjoyed making comedy. Make then cry I say. (One should not write this on 2 hours sleep.)

    • #185197

      Hello Everyone,

      I’m new one to these parts . I am very happy to
      join here. I get to know everyone.I usually learn everything the hard way, I usually like to make funny, action, or scary video when i feel .I fell in love with the action behind the camera.
      I like Travel , sports, music, reading history. And like politics,that’s
      enough……I am wondering what everybody else is doing when it comes to shooting video.

      Tell me about you.

    • #185198

      Welcome to the tribe, Al.

    • #185199

      I’m not film maker but I work with them. I write music and I’m always looking for new people to collaborate with. I’ve found that forums are a good way to meet new directors so that is why I’m here. Hope thats ok with everybody.

    • #185200

      Welcome Steve. Not too many people here will likely be in a position to pay the rates you probably want, but you can certain get a lot of exposure to video enthusiasts from all over the world.

    • #185201

      Hello everyone, first of all i want to thank forum moderators for creating this forum to provide us with great help.

      I am an amateur in video making and i joined this forum to take benefit from experienced people.

      Best regards

    • #185202
      Daniel Hart

      I’m Daniel Hart, I’m 16 years old. My 20 year old sister Katie and I have been making videos together for 8 years. Some of our films have even won in local youth film festivals.

      Personally, I have produced several promo videos for my church, and was even hired to shoot a wedding. I also used to work for a wedding videographer editing videos.

      If you want to read more about my story you can read this reader profile I sent in from a couple years ago. (

      And this producer profile from a few months ago. (

    • #185203

      Hello Everyone,

      Just dropping a post to say hi. Names ayman and I’m looks like this place
      has a large wealth of knowledge, looks like I have a lot to learn .

      I like Travel , sports, music, reading history. And like long drive,that’s

      What’s up everyone……. I enjoy reading the

    • #185204

       Hi Ayman!  I’m Ed Rogers, yet another videographer/editor who frequents  I retired from the U.S. Air Force a few years ago.  I discovered videography/editing as a necessity, when I developed training for some of our aircraft mechanics.  It evolved into a passion.  Now, I run my own business.  Since I have my pension, I don’t worry so much about paying the bills.  That said, I stay busy with personal projects when I’m not under contract.


    • #185205

      Afternoon All,

      I’m Ben, 17, about to become a Railway Apprentice. I’ve done a fair bit of Editing (Mainly using Grass Valley/Canopus ‘Edius’ (4,5 and 6)), but was too far through my education when I considered video editing a serious career, so I’ll hopefully end up one day as a proper editor for a TV station (we’re all entitled to dream are we not? 😉 ) I’ve recently uploaded my 100th video to YouTube, and when I got there I took the chance to have a quick look over some of my older videos and I really realised that I my ‘skill’ has increased rather a lot over the years! :L

      Outside of video editing I enjoy Railway Modelling and a little bit of Urbex.

      Annnnyway, here’s one of my many videos 🙂


    • #185206

      Hi Video People,

      I’m Joseph from the Philippines. I run a one stop shop for events (mostly weddings and birthday parties). And I was really into photography a few years back. Then I realized it’ll be more lucrative to learn video since everyone else is doing photography. Now I own a Panasonic DVX100A and a Canon 500D and I just trained a team to take stills for me.

      Well, that’s me. How about you?

    • #185207

      a Little intro video I did for my website

      (tried to embed and while typing the post it was there, then when I posted only got the coding, soooo there’s a link. ;-D )

      I produce documentaries, web video for business, etc etc (no weddings) I am also a freelance voice-over talent. then I have a day job producing video for a state agency as a one person video production department.

      At work I shoot on a Sony Z7, edit on Avid Media Composer 3.5, Aftereffects, Photoshop, Blufftitler, SonicFire Pro, Audacity. At home I shoot with a Canon HV30 and edit on Magix Video Pro X 2.5 and sometimes Vegas, Aftereffects, Blufftitler, Photoshop, Sonar 4 Producer edition, Audacity.

      Rode NT2 or ElectroVoice RE 20->Aphex 107 mic pre->MAudio 2496 running Win7.

      I produce a webseries, Video QuickTips, which is what the title says, hosted at

      Married to a lovely woman who puts up with myidiosyncrasies, four great kids, and when I have spare time, I play tenor saxophone.

    • #185208

      Bill sounds great. What do you do in your spare time? 🙂

    • #185209

      I’m Larry and I shoot some commercial video for smaller brick and mortar company’s use on there websites, as well as volunteer with the video dept at my church and have started doing videos for the children’s ministry at my church.

    • #204072

      I'm a solopreneur in the film/photo transfer business.

      I never took a lot of pictures or film, but always enjoyed getting out the old projector or photo albums. I started practicing with family and friends photos, slides, film and videotapes. Then I made the big jump and left the day job in '08 to do this as full time.

    • #205230

      Hi all, I found this site while searching online resources to aid in composing a contract to do a music video for a new client's song.

       I am glad to find this forum as I am not a professional videographer, and I wonder what to do with the whole intellectual property thing, particularly; am I reserving Copyright to the new music video that I make or just to the visual portion of it?

        Do I keep Copyright to any of it, and assign a package of Reproduction Rights to the client?

       A little background – I am a visual artist who shoots and edits videos on occasion, the client (a business man with a band in another state) has seen my videos and liked them enough to ask me to do a music video for their first album.

        I understand how a project like this might be easily written off as "work for hire" if it only involved compiling supplied imagery in some kind of blunt collage, but the project will involve considerably more creative input from me than that, the whole will become an artwork on it's own, and I am unsure as how to protect my interest or how to be compensated.

       Your thoughts please – is producing a creative music video "work for hire", for just a flat or hourly fee, or should the artist creating it get a percent of gross before net as well as a fee?

    • #205296

      Hi! I Kamarion Johnson and I can say that I am a responsible and a hard-working individual. Moreover, being a sociable person, I have many friends since I like to communicate with people and get to know new interesting individuals.

    • #205305

      My name is Mark DiNatale- I am 40 years old and recently rediscovered my love for video production after being away for a very long time. I am now in the process of trying to create my own business around preserving family moments though photo montages for events, but I also do event videography as well. Currently I edit on an iMac, I have FCP7 and I use a Canon Vixia M41. I want to upgrade everything, but I have to start making money first.

    • #205619

      Greetings, everyone!  My name is Jason and I've been shooting video for two years now, covering Warbird and other aviation events in the local area as an amateur.  I transitioned from photography due to 1) my primary lens breaking and 2) the overwhelming response I got from my videos and 3) I was the ONLY person shooting video with something other than a cell phone.  It's been a HIGE learning curve, having to deal with unemployment/unsteady employment while still trying to get the absolute best video out of my very limited equipment.


      This summer my goal is to go from simply shooting clips of airplanes to actually telling stories and sharing experiences with my fans.  I'm utilizing crowd funding to hopefully purchase a better camera for my upcoming projects.  It is very much a labor of love as I am a pilot myself, and due to my financial situation, I am very grateful that my cameras have gotten me into more aircraft than my pilots certificate.  (Including TWO B-25 Mitchells)


      Sorry it's long winded… That's my story Andie sticking to it! 🙂



    • #44193
      Mike Wilhelm

      Welcome to the Videomaker Forums!

      I’m Mike and I’m the Content for Videomaker. If you have any questions or need any help regarding the forum let us know! You can identify Videomaker staff by finding the Administrator or Moderator badge hanging below our avatars to the left. I hope these forums will be a helpful resource for all of you and look forward to growth in 2013!

    • #205842

      Hello Videomakers,


      My name is Ben and I am in awe of the work some of you do. I am a reasonably accomplished web designer computer programmer. Still have of yet not branched out into videography. Would like to learn how and am hoping to pick up a few pointers. I have  a Canon G11 digital camera that does have a video feature built in and hope to start using this along with related editing software on my Mac. Eventually when I figure out which video camera to get I would like to get something that does HD.


      With that being said,  you all have a great resource of info here and hope to learn more about this art.



    • #205848

      I'm Larry,

         I learned the basics of video making in a media school that my church put on,in the second section we shot a video from a story board and I was left with the job of doing the final cutting,

      I got it done 2 hours before the deadline, and it was used to reqruit more volunteer to serve in the video department. As time went by I collected 4 HD cameras, sony Vegas pro editing software, built

      a computer powerful enough to do the job, and been freelancing and volunteering for the childrens minisrty at my church, the have a directer in ther who comes up with  day glow puppet show that I shoot for them. I just went down to the Bosque Del Apache widlife refuge to test a new camera and just finished editing the video which I'll put on YouTube later today. I've done three multi camera shoot for plays and events and have learned a lot from doing them, I like to self generate projects that challange me.

    • #205871

      Hello all! I'm Andrew, and I am an avid automotive videographer. I shoot photo and video for which is an automotive blog. I'm a photography student at UNF in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm crazy passionate about imagery in general, be it moving, still, or otherwise, and I'm learning new things every day. I shoot with a Canon T2i. Hope to engage in many educational discussions in the near future with everyone here!





    • #205872

      Hi Guys I'm David Moore, a young animator and fim maker. I make most of my videos in adobe flash, and I can be found over at

      Nice to be here 🙂

    • #206082

      Hey eveyone,


      Glad to be here and a member of the forum! I am a recording artist/producer based out of Los Angeles CA. I currently work for a start up independent label. I am looking to expand my knowledge and hopefully learn and grow so that I can improve my skills as a filmmaker. I will be posting activley to stay engaged and absorb useful information.

      – GB

    • #206352

      Hello, I’m Abrisey. Just joined the forum. I’m planning to learn how to make vidoe so I wish I learn some basic skills here. 🙂

    • #206439

      Hello everyone, I am new here at the Videomaker forums. I am a NYC based composer for film, TV and media. If you are looking for high quality royalty free music, please check out my profile at

    • #206749

      Hi, I am Phil and pretty new to this genre.

      I am doing basically product reviews for the company I work for.

      I try to get some useful help here to improve my videos and make them of better quality and actually easier for me.

    • #206799
      Unorthodox Gent

      Greetings everyone, names Jeff Thomas..Born in Los Angeles..Raised in Long Beach. 3rd year college student. Artist, Drummer, and budding Videographer. I cut my teeth on some promo videos for some local rappers (not my forte) but hey it gave me some experience and a few dollars. Now working my way into interviews and some musical stuff.

    • #206888

      Hey all

      I am Daniel, working in a mobile app development firm as app developer. I am an avid an omnivorus reader as long as apps and smartphones are concerned. I love to share my thoughts over web.

    • #206950

      Hello guys I'm Joel, I'm so glad being here and be part of this active forum discussion.

    • #207015

      Hi, Eric here,

      I am 50 years old an amputee,(Rt,leg,BK), though neither of those things defines me. I am someone who tends to approach everyone else as if they are friends, even though I have just meet them. It is an oddity of my social decorum, and can be very unsettling for people I understand. I may be a bit naïve and idealistic, but I really think the Beatles had it right with, 'All We Need Is Love.' (I would like to think that, in some way defines me.)

      This is only the second Forum I've become a member of. Being a prolific member of more than 2 years at the other forum, and some would argue, maintaining a unhealthy level of participation, has made me a bit jaded toward newbs. I always try to correct myself, and keep the prospective that what seems silly, and yes, stupid questions from green tongues now, are not any different from ones I may have asked two years ago. Or, ones I may ask here now.

      My total knowledge of video production/post production consist of about 6 months working as a camera operator for a public access TV. Show about 15 years ago. This included a tiny bit of instruction in editing. Oh, and I was given and subsequently sold a TK-47, which means little, but a very interesting experance.

      I have come to this forum because I want to produce a online video, that I have spent a good deal of time scripting and story boarding. I understand, (I think) that quality cinematography is not something one learns from an online forum. As a satirical online comedy piece, I am not looking to produce anything of high cinematic quality. (though, of course, I would strive for it to be the best quality possible with in my skill, or lack there of.)

      What I hope I can learn through this forum, are some basic video/audio post-production editing skills. Which I believe will give me a better idea of what should be shot, and how to shoot it. I will go no further here, as this is an introduction thread, and I have covered that plus.

      I would be very receptive to any advice anyone might offer here, or in a PM. I am an attentive learner, and of all my faults, feeling I know anything enough, that I do not appreciate kind advice, is rarely one.


    • #207256

      Oh, just found this thread, accidentally made my own introduction post! Sorry about that :/


    • #207429

      Hey, my name's frank, I've been editing with premiere since age 13. I'm working on several music video projects. Check out my channel @

    • #207758

      Hi I'm Bryon, I started out as a print designer in 1997, but had the opportunity to work on a regional reality show in Salt Lake in 2006. Found out I had a natural ability for editing so I was hired as assistant editor for the show and grew from there to be an offline editor/camera man. I'm on the job trained from a guy with 25+ years TV production experience, so I was basically paid to go to "school". Since then I have edited and filmed for over 120 episodes for 4 different TV shows. I currently edit/produce a hunting TV show for a small company that airs on the Sportsman Channel and just completed my 50th episode for them.

    • #207865

      My name is Bradley Hale. I am a freelance video editor and videographer.My dream company is called Wicked Cool Video,I am native to Massachusetts so this is why I chose the name Wicked.I am adding a which is a short film I co directed in college @ The New England Institute of Art about 6 years ago.since graduating I have worked  in the stage production field as a video and light set up person for various concerts in Boston including 3 shows at Fenway Park.Sadly I had to leave this position due to health issues with my back.I have recently been working with some local businesses on viral ads to increase their customer.I either shoot footage myself or use commercial purchased stockfootage.; my school short film; my youtube channel



    • #207915

      Hello I'm Laina .. I live in Canada .. I'm a guatrist .. and i have my own music band.

    • #207956

      Hi, I am new to this forum and new to video in general but with a strong background in still photography. I have a need to produce short web based videos and need to get my head around the basics equipment requirement needed to do a decent job. The equipment I currently own includes the following: 


      1. Canon 7d with a reasonable selection of quality glass

      2. A good tripod

      3. Rode Videomic

      4. 27" iMac current model


      What I don't have but realise I need is:


      1. A basic lighting system, including backdrops

      2. Appropriate software 


      So I guess I need to know is the equipment I have appropriate and what advise can you give me on the lighting system an software?


      Many thanks in advance, any ideas, advice or suggestions gratefully received.



    • #208056

      Hi all… Thanks to you all. First of all thanks to the forum providers for giving such a nice opportunity to share and learn something new about videos…

    • #208245

      How's it going everyone?

      The name's Ben, I have no formal schooling for videography but aspire to do some good productions in the future. I am completely self-taught starting from 2003 when I dove into the realm of AMV's and walked away with some valuable editing experience. Currently I roll with a group of good friends as my "vid crew", though they mostly do the acting and some prop usage. All the editing and vast majority of the shooting is handled by yours truely. While my current career has contributed to a slowdown in progress (Air Force), we have big hopes on our future projects.

      My current video equipment consist of a Canon Rebel T3i and a Sony PJ10V. My current video editing program is Sony Vegas Pro 11.

      I'm hoping to learn alot on here and maybe even get a chance to develop some skill as well. Nice to meet you all!


    • #208388

      Hi everybody,

      we are Studio Kairòs ( a small emerging studio. We are based near Parma – Italy. We are specialized in Environmental Commnication, documentaries and crowdsourcing video. Looking forward for help and tips from the community.

      We are going to release a crowdsourcing project, really soon.

      Where (which section of the forum) is better to post a partecipative proposal project?


      Glad to be part of this huge community.


      Best Regards



    • #208409
      Collateral Pictures

      Hi everybody!

      We are a team of young italian video makers, looking for new ideas and trying to get better every day! We hope we will be able to hel someone out too! See you around guys 😀

    • #208579
      Shawn Monkel

      good day! demo reel, stay tune for RA.E.2

    • #208862

      Hey Everyone,

      I am Karen Baldwin, 24. This is a great site, happy to be part of it! I am wondering what everybody else is doing when it comes to shooting video.


    • #209033

      Hi guys,

      I've never been into video making or editing kind of jobs before. I'm just another guy working in a local Pvt. firm as a Finance Executive but always had a love for movies & music. Anyway, couple of months ago, I downloaded a free software called 'NCH Video pad video editor' & started to play with it & then the fun begins…as a beginner in video editing works, just for fun & see myself how far I can go without any guideline or academic training, I started to make some 'tribute music videos' using my favorite movie clips/characters with 'related' songs in the background. Here are some of my recent videos, looking forward to hear your thoughts, criticisms & suggestions about them:



      Thank you.

    • #209096

      Hello I am Trent. I am partnered with RPMNetwork which is a partnership that YouTubers have where they can basically express themselves through video. I am a video gamer and make videos for that. I am rather new to videos but I hope to learn more in the future.

    • #209206

      Hello fellow film/videomakers! My name is Giovanni, I am 28yrs old and have been making films since my early teenage years. In 2008 I had the privilege of graduating from LAFRS (The Los Angeles Film & Recording School) with a focus on Directing and Editing Motion Picture Film. I recently worked on a commercial project – Please VOTE for my commercial I submitted to the Crash The Super Bowl 2014 DORITOS Contest for a chance to have it broadcasted live during the game! You can watch and vote on the fan page which is or my personal website Thank you so much for your support!!

    • #209423
      The Blue Lune



      I am David Schöbl, freelance video maker that is open for any kkind of cooperation! I have some skills in Direction and Production branges and also a little bit of acting. Feel free to contact me any time!!! I would be glad to help you!

      Also, I wish Merry Christmas to all of you by my last video! ;o)

      Regards, David


    • #209462

      Hello All !

      I'm Daniel, i'm a guitarist playing in a lot of bands.. and i make videos for my bands and some friend's… 🙂

      look here

      or here


      have fun


    • #209479

      I am new.



    • #209641

      Hi Everyone,


      First time on the board and I'm loving it!

    • #209653

      Hey all! 


      I'm Tyler, I am brand new here.. I am sure I will be posting quite frequently here soon. I work full time at as a Multimedia and Video Production Specialist. 


      Excited to learn more!

    • #209673

      Hi everyone,


      I'm David and i'm from France. I work at a company that deals with photography and HDR video.

    • #209750

      Hi all, im an amateur videographer and would like some feedback to videos I have uploaded to my youtube channel.  I am new here.  Thanks very much, your feedback and comments will be greatly appreciated.


    • #209792



      My name is Greg Hines and I have a photographer since '02 and got into filmmaking in 2010. Last year I began my video production company FirstMark Productions. I am no newbie when it comes to forums or technique but one should always be ina state of learning.


      I am here to see what I can pick up to help my business really pick up and go.

    • #209991

      Hi, I'm Ian. I'm a photographer but I also love film. I'm here for discussion and interaction with other video makers.



    • #210034


      I'm Jonathan. I'm 19, and a student filmmaker. I came 2nd in my university's "One Minute Massive" last year, and won Canon New Zealand's "Eyecon" short film competition with my latest short. I have three shorts underway at the moment, which I hope will be released over the next few months!
      my facebook page:
      my youtube:
      my vimeo:

    • #301529

      Hi!  I’m George Henderson.  My hobby is EDITING VACATION VIDEO (as opposed to SHOOTING video).  It’s very rewarding when I can transform a horribly boring tape into something that friends enjoy watching.  


      Our first camcorder was an 8mm Sony HandiCam that we took on a cruise to Alaska.  When I got home, there were fourteen hours of “mind numbing” video.  I trimmed it using a VHS recorder, creating a somewhat less-boring 90-minute video.  That old VHS recorder had the ability to replace the original sound with music, and I inserted video of homemade signs for titles.


      I bought my first issue of Videomaker in 1995 or 1996.  In 1997 they advertised a  product called “Video Director 200” that was later renamed “Pinnacle Studio 400”.  This came with software and hardware: a purple box, serial and parallel cables that plugged into the PC, plus audio/video/sync cables to connect the camera and an IR blaster to control the VCR.    A lo-res proxy file was captured for editing on a timeline.  Then click a button and a miracle of robotics sometimes happened!   The software sent commands to the recorders, attempting to position the tape, overlay titles, and even create transitions.  It was a great concept, but it was mostly doomed to failure when used with consumer equipment like mine.


      In 1999 and Pinnacle allowed me to beta test a new product called “StudioDV” with my new miniDV camcorder.  StudioDV was the great-granddaddy of their “Pinnacle Studio” line of products.  Occasionally I could successful complete a video edit, but Windows crashes and never-ending upgrades were frustrating.  Along the way my wife and I did a lot of traveling; hundreds of hours of boring camcorder tapes accumulated on my shelf.


      I started using Adobe Premiere in 2003, and really enjoyed learning it.  But the editing software and computer operating system were still crashing too frequently.  I was spending more time as a computer technician rather than having fun editing.  So in 2005 I bought a G5 PowerMac.  Final Cut ran reliably, crashing only once a month (compared with once a day)!  Today I use a 27” 2011 iMac with Final Cut Pro X.  My hundreds of hours of tapes are digitized and archived onto a Drobo.  My wife and I don’t travel too much anymore, but when we do I take video & stills with a Panasonic Lumix point n’ shoot.


      Those old tapes reflect a terrible truth:  I’ve never been a “great” cameraman!  I am stuck with all of that video, and no one wants to see it!  I’ve searched the Internet; there are lots of sites that have hints about preparing for vacation, what to shoot, and how to shoot it.  There are other sites that train you to use your editing program.  But no one offers hints to rescue poorly-shot video.


      Yet these are memories that I want to share.    So I wrestle with the source video and still photographs, pray for inspiration, cut like crazy, and sometimes come up with finished products that friends enjoy.  Often they take the form short vignettes.  I try to fill them with quick-cuts, music, narration and jokes; sometimes they are completely absurd.  And sometimes the audience stays awake! 


      It’s hard to find inspiration for these projects.  How do you create a story when you didn’t have one to start with?  What do you do for B-roll when your A-roll is impossibly boring?  That’s why I’m here, looking to find and share inspiration!  


      If you want to see some of the things I’ve already tried, I have a YouTube channel, plus I'm using my blog to go back and look at my own "history of editing vacation video".


      Best to everyone, see you on the forums





    • #210151

      Hi!  I’m George Henderson.  My hobby is EDITING VACATION VIDEO (as opposed to SHOOTING video).  It’s very rewarding when I can transform a horribly boring tape into something that friends enjoy watching.  


      Our first camcorder was an 8mm Sony HandiCam that we took on a cruise to Alaska.  When I got home, there were fourteen hours of “mind numbing” video.  I trimmed it using a VHS recorder, creating a somewhat less-boring 90-minute video.  That old VHS recorder had the ability to replace the original sound with music, and I inserted video of homemade signs for titles.


      I bought my first issue of Videomaker in 1995 or 1996.  In 1997 they advertised a  product called “Video Director 200” that was later renamed “Pinnacle Studio 400”.  This came with software and hardware: a purple box, serial and parallel cables that plugged into the PC, plus audio/video/sync cables to connect the camera and an IR blaster to control the VCR.    A lo-res proxy file was captured for editing on a timeline.  Then click a button and a miracle of robotics sometimes happened!   The software sent commands to the recorders, attempting to position the tape, overlay titles, and even create transitions.  It was a great concept, but it was mostly doomed to failure when used with consumer equipment like mine.


      In 1999 and Pinnacle allowed me to beta test a new product called “StudioDV” with my new miniDV camcorder.  StudioDV was the great-granddaddy of their “Pinnacle Studio” line of products.  Occasionally I could successful complete a video edit, but Windows crashes and never-ending upgrades were frustrating.  Along the way my wife and I did a lot of traveling; hundreds of hours of boring camcorder tapes accumulated on my shelf.


      I started using Adobe Premiere in 2003, and really enjoyed learning it.  But the editing software and computer operating system were still crashing too frequently.  I was spending more time as a computer technician rather than having fun editing.  So in 2005 I bought a G5 PowerMac.  Final Cut ran reliably, crashing only once a month (compared with once a day)!  Today I use a 27” 2011 iMac with Final Cut Pro X.  My hundreds of hours of tapes are digitized and archived onto a Drobo.  My wife and I don’t travel too much anymore, but when we do I take video & stills with a Panasonic Lumix point n’ shoot.


      Those old tapes reflect a terrible truth:  I’ve never been a “great” cameraman!  I am stuck with all of that video, and no one wants to see it!  I’ve searched the Internet; there are lots of sites that have hints about preparing for vacation, what to shoot, and how to shoot it.  There are other sites that train you to use your editing program.  But no one offers hints to rescue poorly-shot video.


      Yet these are memories that I want to share.    So I wrestle with the source video and still photographs, pray for inspiration, cut like crazy, and sometimes come up with finished products that friends enjoy.  Often they take the form short vignettes.  I try to fill them with quick-cuts, music, narration and jokes; sometimes they are completely absurd.  And sometimes the audience stays awake! 


      It’s hard to find inspiration for these projects.  How do you create a story when you didn’t have one to start with?  What do you do for B-roll when your A-roll is impossibly boring?  That’s why I’m here, looking to find and share inspiration!  


      If you want to see some of the things I’ve already tried, I have a YouTube channel, plus I'm using my blog to go back and look at my own "history of editing vacation video".


      Best to everyone, see you on the forums





    • #210216

      Hey guys, my name is Alex Harris, I produce video in Scottsdale, AZ and specialize in editing when I can. I have left a full time job to go serious with it this year, here is my website!

      Scottsdale Video Production by Alex Harris – Corporate Videographer, editing, animation, photography



    • #210231

      Hi Alex.  Wow, now your hobby is also your full-time job.  Wish you continued fun and great success.


    • #210494

      Dear Greg:


      I am not a happy camper.  I write but no one answers me.  This is not endearing.

      I paid Videomaker for a subscription but I am not getting a subscription.  I've been a subscriber since 2010 but lately, even afar paying for a subscription, I'm not getting any magazines.

      Please tell me who I can complain to.  If you got my check, then you should send me magazines.  If you don't send me magazines, then I should get a refund.  If you neither send me the magazines or a refund, then I should take the matter up with someone else.
      Please let me know soonest.  Thanks.  I look forward to hearing from you.
      Jay Fidell
      (808) 780-9254


    • #210497

      The quickest way to resolve subscription issues is to call us at 530-891-8410. Our customer service department can take a look at your account and see what happened. We are always eager to help!

    • #210592



      I'm Robert from poland 🙂


    • #210671

      Hi my names Andrew as in AndrewKoldenTV on youtube my goal is to be a youtube partner and one of my greatest inspirations is nigahiga aka Ryan Higa ive been doing youtube for quite a while also care to subscibe to me in supporting my work. ive been to allot of places growing up such as south dakota, iowa, and oklahoma , including maryland where im living indepantly at the moment since 19 years now at 21 my newest video is



    • #210727

      Hi, I'm Francesco.

      I'm an italian video maker with 9 year of experiece in video productions as videoclips, commercials, corporate and other types of moving images.
      I'm a director with a strong knowledge in video editing (PremierePro, Final Cut, After Effect, Photoshop, Illustrator) and experience with many Hd cam and DSLR.
      I have some experiences in movie industry as 2nd AD and 1st AD (as a 2nd I worked for a film partecitated at the famous Venice Film Festival).

      Also I have 12 years of experience in music business as recording studio manager and rock singer.


      Please…as you can read, my written english is not absolutely perfect (I'm more proficient in italian eheheh) so if you want to correct me, don't esitate 😉


    • #210827


      My namei Mike. New to Video Editing and Forums.

      Have done some personal video editing in the past and would like t get back to it again.

      Looking to buy a ew cmputer. Have ben looking at ADK Media (ADK Computers ). Can anyone tell me how reliable  they are ? Would appreciate it.

    • #210976

      Hi my name is Colin. I'm an aspiring filmaker.

    • #211166

      Hi everyone, my name is Desmond – I've concentrated mainly on photography the last few years and especially enjoy high speed photography and photographing…. explosions. I've finally realized that explosions look better in videos so I've taken a turn in my interests and now want to learn from all of you haw to make better videos 🙂 I've decided to enter the Nikon photo and video contest this year to motivate myself to make a decent video.

      Here's one of my videos I took to help work out timing for my photos a few months ago.


    • #211273

      Hey Everyone I’m my name is Chas Rogers,

      I am a senior Business Student at Portland State University and I am currently working for Funnelbox Production Studios. More specifically I am working with Robb Crocker founder of Funnel Box, Uberstock, and Flixio, to create a coaching platform where talented photographers and cinematographers can learn directly from the world's most successful stock footage producers how on to efficiently shoot and market footage that will sell. I see this forum as an epicenter of creative minds and I look forward to learning as much as I can you guys.  


    • #301513

      Hey Everyone I’m my name is Chas Rogers,

      I am a senior Business Student at Portland State University and I am currently working for Funnelbox Production Studios. More specifically I am working with Robb Crocker founder of Funnel Box, Uberstock, and Flixio, to create a coaching platform where talented photographers and cinematographers can learn directly from the world's most successful stock footage producers how on to efficiently shoot and market footage that will sell. I see this forum as an epicenter of creative minds and I look forward to learning as much as I can you guys.  


    • #211287

      Hi my name is Faiyadh Shahid. I participate in filmaking out of a great passion. It's the process of connecting real life to a visual idea always intrigues me. 

    • #211297

      Hi everyone!

      I'm Arik Diamant, Video Editor, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of





    • #211317
      Groo The Wanderer

      Hello all,

                     My name is Mark, and I am reallllyyy new to recording, camcorders, and video editing. My current and first camcorder is the Canon Vixia HF G30. So far so good, aside from the face I had to send it back to Canon less than a month after I got it. My wife and have started a community based radio and online tv station. We record our church masses, high school sports, local govt meetings etc. Right now I use a video editing program call Camtasia Studio 8. We have a membership to the Adobe cloud and will be migrating to adobe premiere pro, after effects and audition, but man, what a learning curve! I am glad to finally have found a place like this! My main focus at this point is to learn my camera. Could anybody suggest a video or course for noobs that would help me learn about the settings in my camera. White balance, shutter speed etc, and when to adjust them and why etc? I would be so grateful you have no idea! lol

    • #211318

      Hello, from Sweden ! I like to compose music, and take pictures

    • #211440

      Hi, my name is Josh. I recently finished a new pizza/BMX video
      project and uploaded it to YouTube. It features me riding BMX on
      pieces of pizza around Portland, Oregon.

      I am trying to share my video with people I think would find it
      interesting. I hope you enjoy it!

      Pizza/BMX video:

      Josh Navarro

    • #211594

      Hi, My name is Ivan and I'm a newbie at video. I would like to learn to shoot and edit video as an addition to my photography work. I am planning to teach a basic photography class in my area, and adding video editing will be needed. I am learning Adobe Premiere CS6 and I use a Macintosh Mini in my home office.


      I would like to use this forum to get help and also share things I've learned along the way.

      I'm look forward learning and sharing info from all of the folks on the forums here!



    • #211607

      Hello, everyone. Nice to have a chance to communicate with you guys.

    • #211666

      Hey everyone, new here. Been a producer since 06, looking at getting really serious this year and making a lot happen. I've had the opportunity to contract with some local TV companies here in Sac for them to source me projects, so far it's going well. Working on my new website for my company, (it's not 100% complete yet but it's getting there).


      Looking forward to getting to know everyone here and participating in this community.



    • #211681


      Hi There!


      I’ve been producing corporate videos for over 25 years. I ran Burger King Corporation’s video operation for over 13 years.  Before that I was a producer/director for a large insurance company in Connecticut.


      I’m president of Ball Media Innovations, Inc., a full service corporate video production and post-production company specializing in video production for marketing, public relations, training, and live conferences, trade shows, meetings and conventions. We also specialize in film and video translation.


      My company is headquartered in the Miami – Fort Lauderdale area. We also have crews in the Orlando area.


      Feel free to visit  my website at:





    • #211684

      Hi, I'm Jack. I live in the Orlando area and enjoy filming, editing, composing, etc. I've been a bit lost lately on what to film and am trying to find my ground again. I've given up my producer position with a filming company last year to be home with my family. I have [a lot of(?)] my own filming gear and an editing/post production studio sitting idle collecting dust. I'm pondering ideas to put it all to use even if it's just for fun.

    • #211753
      Sinder Films

      My name is Mike, I'm a freelance editor and looking forward to hanging out on this board!

    • #211813
      Amy Chen

      Hi Everyone, I am Amy and new here. I am working for a camera gimbal company and photography is my hobby. I know this forum is full of photographers and filmmakers, I am not sure if you guys ever tried MOZA 3-axis brushless gimbals, it do bring great convenience in shooting videos. Maybe it is interesting for you, take a look.

    • #211815

      Hi all,


      I am a photographer and Computer Vision developer. Working on some tools to integrate with Videography. Hoping to develop something really useful for people such as yourselves.




    • #211823
      Arch Lich

      Hello folks!


      Glad to be here!


      I'm a gaming/adventure enthusiast, and have decided that it's time to take a crack at some things. 


      Here's my profile's 'about me' text:


      I want to create some really handsome video content for Minecraft. I'm interested in using a combo of 3d animation and chroma key to offer something maybe not seen before.


      The big Minecraft Youtubers are generally moving from 30fps to 60. I'm aiming for a richer, cinematic feel, so I'm going the other way. What could possibly go wrong!? 0_O


      Total noob at this, btw. Dunno exactly what I want to do, but I'm very interested in learning OBS, Blender, VSDC Free Video Editor, VLC Media Player, WinMorph,, IrfanView, and Audacity.


      I also need to learn photogrammetry pronto, so add jMc2Obj and Mineways. If I can muster baseline proficiencies in these, and write an emotionally powerful script, I'll be off and running!


      No pressure!




      Instead of anything real-world, I'll have to build each character, prop, and set either in a 3d modeling program, within Minecraft itself, or – hopefully – a nice combo of the two.


      Wish me luck!  I suspect I'mma need it

    • #211837

      hi  myself david.A youtube video marketer and seo expert. Loves to explore and travel.

      Got some experiance in youtube marketing.Uses and promote videomakerfx software.

      My blog feel free to visit.Hope to enjoy this forum. 🙂

    • #211920


      I do music videos as my hobby. Creativity, self-learning, sounds of the music, movements, little a bit art mixed with little a bit fashion. This is the thing for me and also someday would love to move to short fashion movie or some other interesting deep thing. So cooperating with others would be fun! You can contact me anytime!
      I am still in the beginning phase, but already quite many projects have filled my hands. For now I have done that for free, because it`s learning through fun!

      Here you can find my channel, new videos coming soon.

    • #212130

      Hi everyone, my name is Andrew I am new for This forum I've been visiting videomaker for just recently started
      reading through the forums. Every year lot of people comes here to visit attractive forum here and enjoy things
      to do here.. I am excited to see this forum now available and can't wait to share all of my life's experiences.
      Hopefully I enjoy this forum Thanks for starting this!

    • #212310

      Cosmo Films have set new milestones in the industry of packaging. The company with its staunch vision to be the most preferred brand in packaging industry has fabricated innovative, packaging solutions that transpire customer’s products into brands in cost competitive market. Innovation, superior quality and out of the box products have made Cosmo Films has become a renowned name in the customer industry by tabling customer oriented and innovative products that are par excellence.

    • #212449

      Hi, I'm Max from … Found this forum through a google search about video editing. I have some expeience with Camtasia and Sony Vegas Pro, but not a whole lot. I'm looking to learn some better editing techniquest to help improve my YouTube videos that I create to promote my website. Thanks for having me and I look forward to hanging out around here with all of you.

    • #212578

      My name is Yusuf working in IT company in Bangladesh. I am new here, but want to know video marketing so I am hoping everyone helps me

    • #212632

      Hello!! everyone, MY name is John Kauten,just call me JK I am 62 year’s old & handicap & retire,but i still love to take video when i can. An i love digital photography, and when edit them you together two,well that my true love. you know that old saying that you can not teach old dog new trick, Well that not true, I’m still learning

    • #212747

      Hi, Im Kamil

    • #212868

      I’m new to making videos and any feedback is appreciated
      Thank you!

    • #213016

      Hi there
      Im Rafael Sanabio from Brazil.
      Videomaker for the last 7 years. Experience with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut 7 and X
      Cameras dslr canon.

      But my dream is to make cinema! *__*


    • #213159


      I am James and I am noob. I love to dabble and shoot videos sometimes (usually comedy bits and what not with friends) though so I have joined to ask and share and chat and observe the brilliant minds that are here 🙂

    • #213871


      I am Ann Joseph.. I am very interested in making videos and watching videos. I like to watch movies. I am very happy to join here. Apart from that I like to make videos. I make many educational videos and uploaded in YouTube and other social medias. is my latest post.

    • #213879

      Hello Everyone
      If you are looking for Video Production Companies in New York specializing in animation or motion graphics for digital video production then is the best option for you. Call us today at 212 658 0634.

    • #214008

      i need a help to make subliminal video and picturs, to help me in my task am in health and safety excutive

    • #214328

      Hi all, let me introduce myself. My name is James Summers. I’m from Jacksonville. Nice to meet you all! I’m web designer from North Carolina! You could check my site, and value all my works.

    • #214467

      Hello everyone,

      My name is Alexander. I’m a traveler and an enthusiastic amateur photographer/filmmaker. Live in Ukraine.

      I love video making. Here you can check my works on worldwide travel and active life

    • #214520

      I am a novice filmer who uploads on YouTube, any help would be appreciated

    • #214610

      Hello to all,

      My name is Matt and I am member of a start-up that has developed an artificial intelligence able to compose music instantaneously, regarding needs of a video (duration, styles, sequences, etc).

      First, music composed by this AI will be available on, with a special offer before and during its launch : every new registered user will get 1 hour of music for free.

      In a second time, we will release an online “on measure composition tool” that will allow to describe a video (durations, intro, end, sequences,etc) project and get music specially created for your video.

      I hope you could take a look at and that it could help you.

      Do not hesitate to pre-register to get 1 hour of free music (available at download once first version is ready, in a few weeks).

      Thanks and best regards,

    • #214668

      Some technique is very useful for me .Video editors make a natural and enchanting movement anythings.Top-tier businesses rely on Sweet Papaya Creative to produce, shoot, and edit outstanding videos like promotional videos and whiteboard animations.Any kind of video editing or video production services please visit my site here this

    • #215102

      Hi everyone! My name is Alex Power and I’m helping beginner filmmakers and videographers to get started with filming.I do reviews of photography and videography gear based on real use & my own experience. I also make tutorials about video editing, colorgrading and give some tips on how to make visual arts you passion. Feel free to reach me via Email if you have any questions,requests for certain tutorial or review. I’ve committed to release videos on the regular bases, so stay tuned. My Youtube channel :

    • #215288

      Hi My self Narendra we are from business explainer companies in Mumbai.
      If you need explainer video sites then please visit here

    • #215317

      Hi all,
      I’m new to the forum. I’m a musician/songwriter from Oregon. One of those complete losers that refuses to stop developing as an artist, in spite of whatever roadblocks come up.
      I’m an aries/pisces cusp, and I don’t believe in astrology, and my favorite flavor of ice cream is whatever flavor has chocolate chunks, peanut butter and cookie dough.
      Since I don’t really have any friends to make music with (although I do still have friends, thank god, they just don’t make music, or participate in any media creation), I’ve begun building this YouTube Channel, as an outlet.
      Feel free to stop by and comment, if you like…. OR NOT, as this is NOT a shameless promotion, only an introduction (before I get the list of criticisms of people who want to size me up…)
      Anyhow, glad to find this forum, and I look forward to the connections there might be to make here.

    • #215460

      I am a new member, can I be on board plz?

    • #215461

    • #215462

      hi and nice to meet you guys.

      I’m Vitalii – founder at

      we develop iOS app for extreme sports shooting and sharing. we are pretty close to release and looking for first users and feedback. feel free to ask me any questions or help us and go through the survey that we use to finalize feature-list.

    • #215468

      Hi! My name is Nikole! I’m a newbie here. I’m not a professional, but I like photography and recently it has become my hobby. But maybe in future I’ll improve my skills and will be ready to make a career in this sphere. It would be awesome to do what I like and earn money.

    • #215548

      Hello everyone, I am Sydney, I am new here. I am interested in video businness, do anubody have any tips? 😀

    • #215920

      Hi guys,

      I’m new to this forum and new to the videography business as a whole. I signed up on this website, and validated my account, but when I go to post a topic in the video and film discussion forums it asks me to login, and then I when I attempt to the page just refreshes and nothing happens. Can someone please help.

    • #215943

      Im Brazilian and filmmaker.


    • #215948

      I’m Nick – Love to travel and shoot video. I’ve been working on a video for hire site for the past 4 years – I finally launched it recently. You can check out

    • #215955

      Hello everyone,

      My name is Robbert Verwaart, from the Netherlands (Europe). Nearly 2 years ago I bought my first action cam and start filming my favourite kind of sport; road cycling. My goal was to make some awesome on-route shots from within the peloton. Soon I found out that filming / editing was waaayyy more than just some shots in 1 video. I find it a very cool and relaxing thing to do!
      So last year, during my vacation in Croatia, I have been filming a lot more, making daily overview video’s and got more and more affected by the art of making video’s.

      After all; I’m still quite new to this hobby :). I’m hoping to learn a lot from you guys and be able to create new things every now and then.

    • #216323

      Hello everyone,
      My name is Alice from New Zealand. I’m studying Multi-media in school and at the same time working in a Film making studio and equipment rental. I started making short films since high school with an old camera of my grandpa. It works perfectly, even though I need quite a lot of time to edit the film, but I enjoyed it. I feel lucky already to find this forum, so many helpful advice! I hope to continue my film making journey with your help. Thanks!! 🙂

    • #277877

      Ciao My name Dave johnson im new here, i had working with camera in 2 year and i come here to learning more

    • #278060

      Hi – I'm Ralph Wood; 66 years-old and an amatuer photographer / videographer who has been volunteering for a local summer college baseball team (Peninsula Pilots) in the Coastal Plain League for 12 years.  At the end of each season I create a keep-sake DVD with slide show and video highlights for the players, coaches, host families, and team staff members.  I use Proshow Producer for my photo slide shows and Cyberlink PowerDirector for video editing and DVD authoring.

      I am seeking to change my videography approach from capturing pitch-by-pitch to a more creative approach that captures what I call "outside the lines" memories for all involved – including the fans.  That is what brought me to

      Looking forward to learning from VideoMaker and its members.

    • #278353
      Johny Arts

      Hi, My Name Johny Arts

      I am starts up in animation with my team in Qreativision Web Studio.

      Hopefully, i will learn a lot from you



    • #278411

      I am Josh Knight,

      Creator and product developer at LightWave Cinema tools. I create and develop color scienc based lut packs and products to make new possibilities and fix work flow bottle necks for post color workflow.

    • #278450

      Hi! My name is Daria. Now I try to develop a website and make videos so I am hoping to get some advice, feedback and know about other people's experience

    • #278496

      Hello, I am Jack Miller

      I’ve been a DOP for 10 years working with BM and RED cameras. I also do a bit of coloring on the side and I enjoy being involved in high end projects.

    • #301380

      The Company Films is a leading Corporate Video Production House in Dubai. We specialize in creating corporate videos and films such as brand films, explainer videos, TV advertisements and more for our international clients. To check out some of our work do check out our portfolio on our website. We have worked with different clients from a wide range of industries to deliver creative, visually appealing and conversion oriented videos.

    • #283840

      Manuel Abello from Bonifacio Global City, The Philippines.

      Been wanting to join but procrastinating.


      I am undergoing a transformational phase in my life and looking to pivot out of the old. 

      I have been a freelancer for 30 years.  Was never cut out for the 9-5.

      Been wanting to do a startup or explore new avenues as a solopreneur.  So trying to get my feet wet in social media and digital marketing.   Emergent media fascinates me and I think that's where all roads lead for me.

    • #283904
      Shawn Zeilenga

      I work in the steel industry for an OEM. Get to do list of fun slow motion welding shots with my Sony fs700.


    • #284739
      Dinesh Parcha

      Hi sir I am join this forum and Myself.

      Welcome to Bipin Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. believe that ‘People’ as a factor of productions plays an instrumental role in shaping and nurturing the organization as whole. We the people can transform a customer satisfaction into Customer Delight. Bipin Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd.

    • #71104891

      What’s good in the hood everybody. My name’s Erik, I live just north of LA, blah blah blah

      Anyways about a year or so ago I got really into working on cars, and the lack of (good) information online led me to want to make my own. So I think it’s been a year since I did my first video on YouTube. TwerkToSpec btw ya digg ya digg?
      Health has kind of kept me at bay for a bit, but I still release videos every so often, infact I’m about to start editing up my latest one.

      Feedback is always appreciated. I dont do too much in the way of editing, but sound and color are two things I know nothing about.

    • #71104904

      Hello folks,

      This is Mary Williams works as a creative video editor at MAP Systems. My skill set includes video transition efforts, adding special effects, removing unwanted video clips and more.

    • #71105241

      Hey i’m new and this is the first thread i’m visiting

    • #71105267

      Hello, I am learning how to make videos. I wish to keep all my videos on DVD or BD.
      Well, it seems too expensive to store videos on BD. But it will not lead to quality loss, right?

    • #71105914

      Hey guys, my name is Angela Rosado. long time worked for vortexessay </ a> . Due to this, I liked how to write and read. At the moment, without work, I am engaged in photography on an amateur level. Please advise me a budget camera.

      • This reply was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by angelarossado.
      • This reply was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by angelarossado.
      • This reply was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by angelarossado.
    • #71105922

      Hi Guys

      I’m John, and I use my Panasonic Camcorder to record junior sports events at 1080p 60fps (so I can slo-mo). I also use the Cyberlink software for editing/titles/music/theming and then use Google Drive, Facebook and personal cloud storage to share with players, parents and coaches.

      Hello all, hope I am in the right place.


    • #72000063

      What’s going on everyone. My names Erik, Live in LA, all that good stuff.

      I had a random health issue a few years back which kept me home for a bit. In that time I had to stay productive, sooo now I make videos haha.
      I wouldn’t call it a career, but I’m happy.

    • #72000312

      I’m Bob. I’m an amateur musician, photographer and videographer. I’ve been retired from my job as a computer specialist for about 10 years. I’ve created 27 videos on youtube over the past 9 years and have gotten about 40,000 views. My newest camera is a Nikon Coolpix B700 which has 4K video. I got it used on ebay 9 months ago for $320 and I am very pleased with it compared to my previously used Nikon D7000 shooting 1080P. I use the Zoom R16 as a stand alone audio recorder. I use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition for editing.

      • This reply was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by bobspez.
    • #72003283

      Hoa Thiên Thảo tự hào là nhà phân phối mỹ phẩm chính hãng cao cấp được nhiều người tin dùng. Sở hữu hơn 400 dòng mỹ phẩm làm đẹp được chọn lọc và kiểm định gắt gao đảm bảo quý khách hàng sẽ hài lòng với lựa chọn của mình.

    • #72004230

      Hello everyone, I’m new, you are comfortable;)

    • #72004303

      Hey everyone!! My name is Moose and I started a YouTube channel doing covers. I wanted to get some feedback on this video I did awhile back. I’m going to start doing more like this again after I’ve been inactive for almost a year.

      I’m pretty new to the video world. I’m actually an audio guy.

      Thanks in advanced!! 🙂

    • #72022694

      Hello! I’m a photographer living in California. Very nice to meet you here.

    • #72059002

      Hi Just a former pro musician doing my own videos to accompany any music I record.

    • #72059084
      Clickze player

      Are you launching your own video session buy worried about the engagement, then worry no more we at Clickze introducing the game changer to you. Yes, we are talking about an interactive media player system. Don’t know about it then let us guide you. Figuring out how to build watcher commitment must be a need for your recordings. I have been recording for a long time now and comprehend the intensity of vivid video. In the event that you are utilizing recordings on your site, point of arrival, or blog then Clickze is a minimal effort intelligent facilitating arrangement that will change your ordinary recordings and even assist you with selling your items or administrations easier on the web. To know more about the interactive media player system Visit Clickze!

    • #72059200

      Hello! This is Ormestaic. I’m a photographer. Very nice to meet you here.

    • #208115
      Mike Wilhelm

      Welcome Chandrra. I hope you find Videomaker to be a helpful resource!

    • #214007

      good morning
      am in health and safety excutive and i want to know how ill do to make healthy subliminal video and pictures to be sur that the employees will respect the health and safety procedures

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