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      Hi, I’m new to the videomaker forum. I’m aloso getting in the freelance video making business bandwagon. What I plan to shoot (sice I’m at the first steps) are mostly Shows and stage events (dances, concerts, plays, etc). But also public events (sikes, riots, conferences), sports event & perhaps some videoclips, corporate stufs, shorts subjects 7 fictions. So I need a good equipment versatile and durable (camera), but I dont know what to choose. I know that there’s a fight between HDSLR & Camcorders, wich desn’t make the situation easier. I’m actually a college student (I’m studying cinematography, film making & communications) experienced with camcorders only (Sony DSR-170, Sony HXR-NX5U & Sony PMW-EX1r) and I’ve never used a DSLR. So what I need is a good hd camera that I will be good for at least 5 years (and not getting outdated after 5 months, if possible). So, what would you recommend ?

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