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      Greetings all,

      I have been reading several threads of interest in the forum for the past couple of days, and I decided to join up to both contribute where I can and learn a thing or two where I am lacking.

      I started my own production company about a year ago with both entertainment and health education in mind, and have been in pre-production on three projects since.

      My expertise is most in writing and producing, though I have a solid intermediate level knowledge with Camera, Lighting, and Editing (I have a certification in Field Producing and Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro) from my local Public Access Station).

      My primary project, original programing for the internet, is schedule to start shooting in July, where I will shoot the first 5 episodes and then air them over a ten week period.

      My next project close to scheduling, will be several shorts that I will use in presentations and be also distributed via the internet (I am a certified Stress Management Facilitator), and they will include the use of chroma screen, and animation.

      The third project is going to be submitted, concept art, Show Bible, and Pilot screenplay, to a specific studio that is taking open submissions of original program ideas.

      So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, lol.

      My Equipment so far is…

      Camera – Canon Vixia HF G10 – Great AVCHD Camera, offers true HD video, and has 24p setting, and with proper lighting, the video looks at least as good as the professional level cameras, and was half the price of the introductory models.

      Sound – Zoom H4n – using as my DAT recorder (with assorted wireless and boom mics and a basic sound mixer), has XLR inputs and phantom power, it records in WAV and gives great sound.

      My other gear, Chroma screen, Chroma screen lights, Object lighting (Key, back, fill, background, and kicker), though essential to production, are not technically relevant in post production unless I have screwed up shoot set up.

      My Workstation, this is where my first question comes in…

      I have really been thinking of going Mac and Final Cut, most of my training, and experience (mostly family projects, and video/photo montages) is in PC and Adobe Premiere Pro, but lately (looking at the job market), I see tons of jobs for Final Cut Pro editors, and not much in Premiere Pro….what is the consensus here?

      The second question is a technical one…

      OK, so I go through the full editing process and compile, have a beautiful video, everything is perfect.

      I then go to create my DVD for distribution, add the video project, add my menus, etc., and burn…and the sound which was previously (and is in the original finished video project is) beautiful, when the DVD is played back, on a DVD player or the computer, is loud and distorted?

      Is there a volume level setting for the DVD itself when being created that I am missing before I print the DVD?

      What could be the problem?

      Thanks for your consideration,


      P.S. didn’t know where specifically to put this, being an intro, a general opinion question, and then a specific tech question, so just put is in head to head.

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