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      Hope someone out there can help…I represent an international relief agency that is looking for a video camera suited to our unique needs. We want to capture events overseas (Haiti, Africa) and we need a camera that even a novice can use. I also recalled seeing an ad for a camera that had some kind of wireless mic and that would be great for us. As I remember it, you could clip a mic on the subject and get good direct audio even if there was a lot of surrounding noise or if you were shooting from far away (sometimes necessary for the work we do). Am I dreaming this or does this camera exist? What camera is it and does it work as advertised? Does anyone have any other recommendations they could make? The help would be appreciated!

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      Hi Brian,

      What’s your budget?

      I think the camera you’re thinking of was a consumer grade Sony with a bluetooth wireless mic. From what I’ve been told, the mic is pretty lousy, and the camera itself wasn’t too hot.

      If you’re doing a lot of shooting in well-lit areas, the Canon GL-2 is easy to use for the beginner, but has all of the advanced functions so as you learn more, you can take control of your video.

      If you plan on shooting a lot of low lighting situations (dusk, inside houses at night lit by incandescent bulbs, etc…) just a few hundred dollars more will afford you the Sony VX-2100, which is probably the best low-light performer on the market in that price range. I don’t like some of the features on the VX-2100 as much as I do on the GL-2, but for low light quality, there’s no competition, the VX-2100 is the winner. But again, that’s really the only benefit of the camera, and it costs a bit more, so don’t buy that one if you don’t need the low light capabilities.

      For a wireless microphone, Azden makes a "WLX-Pro" wireless kit for camcorders. Don’t be fooled, you won’t win an Emmy for the audio quality of that mic, but it’s significantly better than nothing, and not as spendy as their higher end gear (though if you can afford it, the better stuff really does give better results).

      Hope that helps. I was going to get into a big "do you need PAL or NTSC" paragraph, but I’m going to assume that you’ll be playing these videos in America, or at least on American gear, so no need to bring that up unless you plan on making videos to play exclusively in other countries than the USA.

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