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      I just got a killer deal on the latest 15′ 2.8 Ghz MacBook Pro. Core 2 Duo, 4G Ram. 500G 5400 Hard Drive. My question is; do I really need a 7200 internal drive as the OS drive for FCP? I will have a eSATA external drive for my video files. Do I spend $350 to upgrade my internal drive (authorized Mac repair, not to void the 3 yr warrenty) or do I spend that $$$ on upgrading to 8G Ram? Also I will not be doing any major editing… mostly 30 sec.-10min. web videos, no major effects, pretty basic stuff. Thanks in advance!

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      If you’re cuts only editing, get the RAM; if you’re doing video with other effects/treatments you NEED the speed on HD. Also, it is totally unwise to use your system drive for your resources. You really should consider having an external 7200 RPM HD for holding your assets, and not do it all on the single internal drive. Bad things can and will happen, all at the wrong times.

      So you’ve made the right decisions regarding the external drive for assets, I’d stay with the internal 5400 systems drive and go for the RAM.

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      First off, going to a faster internal drive will help only a bit but it is so cheap and easy why not? I put a 500GB 7200 rpm drive in my MacBook Pro for about $100. The price the Mac dealer is quoting you is ridiculous. It also won’t invalidate your warranty, the drive you install won’t be covered, but unless you damage things in the inside, you are safe. I don’t know what the latest MacBook Pros are like to work on mine was a 2.4 ghz and replacing the hard drive was very fast and easy. I would not pay to upgrade the internal hard drive by the Mac dealer, it just isn’t worth that kind of money. If I was going to spend $350, I’d spend it on the ram; however, I can’t tell you from experience that the added ram is worth it. For the kind of editing you describe I don’t think the ram would be worth the bucks. I have 4 GB in my iMac 2.93 ghz and I do big (over one hour) HD projects without any trouble. When the 4 GB sticks of ram really drop in price, I’ll throw them in. Gerry in Calgary.

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      Gerald is correct. I just got a Macbook Pro and it actually comes with instruction on how to install the new drive and RAM if you choose to upgrade… Which I did.

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