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      OK…what if i hav a mpanaosnic miniDV camcorder that has like a resolution of about 1.2 megapixels but when playingback the video has horizontal pixelated lines….BUT what i put that tape with the footage and insert it into a different miniDV camcorder that has maybe less resolution like of 680,000 pixels, u know……and the video playback well in that camcorder….if i use the camcorder that can playback good to capture the video, will the camcorder affect how thw video will appear in the computer….cause i saw a really cheap camcorder that has really low-light performance but they say that when played back the video has horizontal lines but that they tried it ina nother camcorder and it looked thinking of buying the camcorder and then getting a very cheap minidv camcorder to just use it like a miniDV deck….

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      let me make it simpler…..

      if: i have a camcorder of a resolution of 1.2 megapixels but has horizontal lines on the recorded videowhen playing back…but when you put that same tape in another camcorder the video looks fine.

      then: could i put the tape recorded with a miniDv camcorder of 1.2 MP into a less resolution camcorder and use it to capture the video into my computer?….will the quality on my computer appear like how it was recorded with the 1.2MP camcorder or will it appear how the 680,000 pixel camcorder records…

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      Megapixels refers to the number of pixels on your image sensors, therefore it is only relevant to recording and not playback. So no, recording on a high mega pixel camera and playing back on a lower mega pixel camera will not benefit you.

      As I asked in your other post, where are you seeing these lines and what are you viewing them on?

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      so it IS going to work…

      its cause i just want to get that 1.2MP camera but it has playback issues….u know my other post…but i really want it cause its way better than my camera….so i want to put that tape in another minDV camcorder…will i capture the video inside a 680,000 pixelto my computer as to how the 1.2MP camcorder recorded it…

      its like if i put a miniDV recorded with a Canon GL2 and then put that recorded tape into a consumer camcorder like Canon ZR950 and capture the footage into the computer…..WILL the captured video look good like it was recorded in the GL2…. or with the video degrade itself because i capture the video with a not-so-good camcorder..

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      “its like if i put a miniDV recorded with a Canon GL2 and then put that recorded tape into a consumer camcorder like Canon ZR950 and capture the footage into the computer…..WILL the captured video look good like it was recorded in the GL2”

      Yes, your image will look just as good as when you shot it. Deciding to capture with a different camera will not degrade the quality.

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      ok ok..phew!….answered my question…THANKS alot fo your time….appreciate it…it was hard for me to explain it…lol….

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      Computer, NTSC, PAL, whatever you use for monitoring (with certain understandings in mind) do not alter how your unit’s output is putting out. If you are seeing horizontal lines, pixelation, signal breaking up, dropouts, whatever, then outside of the possibilities that connections, etc. could be problematic, IF everything else is working under normal operational circumstances, then the SUSPECT for the above abnormalities in playback would HAVE to be the unit playing back the tape, nothing to do with resolution, standard definition, high definition, pixels, etc.

      If ANY camera, regardless of its capabilities in general, is able to play back your tape, even if it is NOT the one in which the tape was recorded, even if it is a $300 special or a higher priced model, or any of the many decks capable of playing back your recorded miniDV tape, giving you a clean signal – if all your other equipment is working, no matter WHAT you are using as a monitor for the signal – then you are good to go.

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