Interesting IR (infrared) imaging in this video.

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      Yeah that was interesting (the music was killin’ me though.) I would have liked to see more of it consistently used than just as ‘hey let’s see what we can toss in there’ like it looks like. This is what I and the music video makers talked about in a VM article months ago. Lot’s of ‘cool’ stuff tossed in there more for effect than actual storytelling. That’s why I’m not particularly fond of movie-tie-ins with songs. Rarely do you see one that integrates the elements of the film beyond the ‘hey this song is in the movie go buy it mode’.

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      Music was not the best in my opinion as well. about 1/3 through it I hit the mutebutton and just watched the video. Ignoring the fact of it being an ad for both the movie and the song there were some very interesting transitions that were done in the video.

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      How are the IR effects done? (I’m not asking for a tutorial, just a sentence or two that contains terms I can look up, etc.) Just curious. It’s a pretty cool effect.

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      From real IR cameras.

      YouTube has a lot of video from IR. This one is taking a poke at stupid criminals..

      And remember, we still got the dog. Have a nice day.

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      Yeah the really detailed IR videos are shot with FLIR cameras. Really cool, reeeaaally expensive. Most people just rent them.

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