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      This is a heads up about a travelogue conference coming up. I’m not a member of this org yet; just thinking about it!

      The Travel Adventure Cinema Society (tracs) is going to have their annual conference in 2 weekends (Sept 9/10/11) in Torrence CA (i.e. Los Angeles). Essentially, you get to watch travelogues all day and its not exactly cheap. The catch is that the filmmaker stands to side of the stage and narrates live. This is a tradition started by mega celebrity Lowell Thomas early in the last century. For many, he will be remembered for doing wristwatch commercials on TV just as Ray Charles is remembered for doing soft drink commercials its the real thing bayaeyaebeh.

      It was only a few years ago that tracs conceded that they had to permit video work in their programs or they would disappear. For these many decades they had held to the standard that the travelogue had to be shot on film (16, 35).

      Ive seen maybe 7 or 8 tracs sponsored docs over the years. In general these films tend to be proficient but not very exciting. An exception is filmmaker Rick Hall who understands that you must work to grab and entertain the audience as well as take them for a trip and lecture them. Im sure that there are other filmmakers under their roof who are also great; I just havent seen their work yet.

      One of the traits of this org is that there are a lot of older people who make these films. Many are older than me and maybe even older than Hank. Also, the audiences Ive attended with (in Portland OR) probably saw Casablanca when it premiered on the big screen for the very first time.

      Anyway, this org could use some new blood, both on the filmmaking and audience side. It is clear to me that a number of participants on this forum could do films competitive with the current product of tracs. This is a beginners forum, but sorry some of you are way past being beginners, and thats something to like.

      Maybe see you there; maybe not!

      It appears that their link may be shutting during the daylight hours due to heavy traffic. Here it is:

      REGARDS TOM 8)

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