Interested in becoming a travel videographer?

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      I’ve been filming holidays for 3 years and I absolutely love it, it’s always different and exciting, you meet great people and it’s very creative work. After people kept asking me how to do my job I decided to share my secrets with people who are also passionate about travel.

      I’ve financed all of my trips in Europe, Africa and Australia this way and got to go on safaris, trekking tours, adventure holidays, camping trips, stayed in hotels and resorts and all while being paid to film and edit. You can view my videos on

      Creating promotional video for the tourism industry is a market in its infancy, given that only a minority of businesses use video so far, despite the obvious benefits of making holidays more tangible. I would like to make tourism videos the standard, in the same way websites have become the standard for most businesses. For that reason I would really like to see more people filming and selling holiday videos.

      Let me know if you are interested in creating promotional holiday videos for the tourism industry or visit for more information.

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