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      I succesfully made a 3d Video Cube in After Effects.
      The next thing I want to do is make it interactive. The cube keeps
      spinning and playing different video on each side. When you click 1 site
      the video is shown fullscreen (or just a bit bigger) and when you click
      again the cube starts spinning again.

      Does somebody knows a way I can do this?



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      I’m not sure how you intend to present this… I’m assuming web?

      I’ve done some interesting interactive video pieces using a video camera and machine vision software to interact with the viewers gestures using quartz composer…

      but that interface was to allow the viewer to spin the cube when they are standing in.front of the hardware, not web..

      also did an interactive ghost…

      I set the project aside as I believe the microsoft kinnect is a more cost effective solution for my projects…

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      The first thing that comes to mind is Flash. But that is soooooo out of my league xD

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