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      Hello, I am creating a motivational/educational DVD and Audio book for teen men. what I need to know is all about the intellectual property law end of it. I would like to make references to a few well known sports, news, and music, personalitites as well as make a reference to a scene in a major motion picture. Positive references only, I will not be having any sound bites or actual pictures or films of them on the DVD. I will be trying to sell both items on the internet or where ever else I can. I can’t seem to contact any Intellectual property law attorneys, and I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t want any legal problems. Video maker magazine articles have showed me alot of things. could you give me some answers in ultra laymen terms, or recomend an attorney that will talk to me. thankyou

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      There’s plenty of good info on the internet (not that you should believe everything on the net).
      I don’t see any problems with what you want to do.
      You might find what you want here:

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