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      I’ve been looking at the newer Intel Core 2 Duo chips lately. Does anyone have any advice to offer on them for video editing? I know what the tests say against other AMD chips but how well does it really work for video?

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      These chips are the fastest chips around. Especially for multimedia processing. 20% faster than their previous chips and also much faster than AMDs best. I am usually an AMD guy but Intel is winning the war right now, and for the near future.

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      I’ve got the Intel 930 3.0Ghz dual core processor on my box. I love it. I wanted to get the next step up, but I had some unexpected expenses in other areas of life. Still, this processor absolutely blows away the old P4 processor. I went from a 2.4Ghz single core processor up to this. I swear this computer has to be twice as fast!

      Plus, considering that Intel and Microsoft are quite the bedfellows, and now Apple’s even hopping in there, Intel is going to get better than ever very soon.

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