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      I am looking for a device that will allow me to control video feeds, pictures, etc., while onstage during a live band performance. For example, during a live show, during a song, I would like to be able to push buttons and control what is playing. I’d like to be able to easily switch between the feeds I desire at that moment.

      If there is software that will do this, I will consider running it from a laptop.

      However, I saw an interview with the band Saint Motel and they do this–they described it as an “analog organ” and when you push the keys, it plays whatever feeds are linked to that key. If you hit two keys together, it plays both together. Anyone have any idea what type of equipment this describes?

      I’m probably better off with the laptop, but I appreciate any feedback on this one.

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      My good friend, a few years ago, controlled 20 slide projectors, independently, with a Commodore 64, something everybody said impossible to do. He, to this day and age is the go to guy for computers in our community. In Ninth grade, he wrote the computer curriculum for the local School board for all High school grades. His Aunt and Uncle won 13 million, gave him a 3 Million trust fund, for nothing but computers, at the age of 11. I suspect you have no similar story.

      Your best bet, visit a quality Music store and see what they recommend. Most bands have that done at the Mixer stage, out in the middle of the audience, with production house rental equipment.

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      if you are referring to playing various video clips then you will need some type of video switcher. We use the Black Magic Design ATEM 1 M/E for live video switching, streaming and image projection.

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      How about arkaos – it can do brilliant things with video and audio, and be controlled from midi if you wish, or DMX from lights. It’s not cheap for the most clever versions, but would let you do all sorts of things?


Viewing 3 reply threads
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