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      I recently created the site, this is a website where people can create their own digital time capsules. I made this video about how to make a time capsule – Please give me your opinion.

      I want to make another movie to inspire people to create their own time capsules, but I am not very good doing that job. If someone think that can help me making a inspirational movie, about how much we change and how much our life changes I will apreciate.

      If someone is interested we can talk a little more and try to make a nice video.

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      One thing that stands out is the need for voice – Consider adding a voiceover to make your points/instructions better.

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      Yes I know that if the video had voice it will be better, but my problem is that English is not my native language and I am not very good with that, so I decide only put the text.

      One of the reasons why I need help in the other video that I want to make, is because I want to put some voice in the video.

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