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      I am so frustrated…

      ALL I want to do is slide in a video-audio “placeholder” (footage which has nothing to do with the current project) in front of everything I’ve already built, having neglected to do so FIRST in my thrill of finally beginning this project I’ve been anticipating for almost 3 years.Now when I try to insert this placeholder at the very start of my program, instead of pushing existing footage forward in trye noinlinear fashion — as I initially leanred onAvid — the ‘placeholder’ overlays what I’ve already built. (Thank goodness for ‘Undo,” lol!)

      Of courseI could simply build my opening titles as a separate project…IF there’s a way to stitch two project files together.

      Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions on either of these operations — or soemthing entirely different if that’s “what gets me there from here” —
      <== learning all over again on the consumer side what I already know on the industrial side, sigh

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      I’ve done this before. Put the scrubber at the very beginning of your project and create a blank full screen title there. This will be just a blank black screen, then you can “stretch” it out on the timeline by clicking and dragging on the rightmost edge. I usually do this anyway to have 5-10 seconds of black leader.

      Then you can easily insert new clips between the black “leader” and original program material.

      The way to combine two edited projects is to highlight everything (including title, music, and voiceover tracks) and go to the edit pulldown and click “copy”. This puts it on Windows clipboard. Then open the second project, place the scrubber where you want to insert and “paste” the clipboard contents there.

      Hope this helps

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