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      Hi guys,

      I have yet another stupid question.

      I am wanting to insert objects into my timeline in Premier, and am unsure about something.

      I have read that if you insert (as apposed to overlay) an object, it will move ALL the rest of the clips to the side in the timeline.

      Now, i have inserted a clip and it did indeed move the clip next to it and also alter the finish time of my project, but when i actually scrolled along the time line, one small gap i had appeared to have been reduced. NOw this could just be the way it looked and it could have not been changed at all, but i just wanted to make sure.

      So, to simplfy, does insert move ALL clips in the timeline, and not cause any to overlay?

      Thanks in advance,


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      What I typically do is use the razor tool to slice the file where the new clip will be going, then use the "move all tracks" tool and drag everything after the slice down. I insert the new clip, then use the same tool to move all tracks to where they need to go. It may be a longer way of doing it, but I feel more comfortable knowing things are movung the way I want them to.

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      how come you do that, have you had some issues with the Insert function?

      Should it work as it is described?

      I am sure it has messed a few things up for me, but not certain, it is more than likely my inexperience.

      If in doubt, blame the software. I poor craftsman always blames his tools. etc.

      Which one is the Move all tracks tool?



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      I think its because when I first learned Premiere, thats was the first way I found how to do that particular task so it stuck. I’m sure there are lots of faster ways of doing something compared to the way I do it, but thats the beauty of Adode products. It allows anyone to develop their own style. It works for me and I’m comfortable with it so why change it.

      The move all tracks tool is the second from the left on the top row of tools. Click and hold that button to open all tools in that box and find the 1 that is a dashed square with 2 right pointing arrows. When you click that tool in the timeline, everything in every track from that point down is selected. Click and hold and you can drag all the selected items to a new location.

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      Hi Guys,

      thanks for the replies, i have since taken the chance on the insert function and find it works really well.

      I thought that it would only move tracks on the same line as the inserted object, so i thought i would have to group everything if i wanted it to move everything, but it actually moves everything after that point, so no need to group anything.

      The same thing goes for Ripple delete.

      Comp, your advice is spot on mate, about p[laying with it first, but unfortunatley i dont have time. I am in a desperate rush to finish this project and get it out to custoners for this weekend.

      I did have a couple play project that i finsished just before i started this one, but i have found that there is no similarity between any of them.

      I think the thing i am really struggling with is the Audio section, as i have recorded Duel Sterio chanels, and have had to cut and move some audio in order to make things run a little smoother. So of course this then puts the audio out of sink.

      I recorded one track from the PA and another from the onboard mic. The intention was to get very good sounds quality for the music (it was a bodybuilding contest) and capture the audience cheers. I have overlayed the audience at a lower level to just give that live feel, but unfortunatley the knob on the mixing deck kept messing with the settings that came through to the cam, so i have my sound dip in places.

      But i have learnt for next time, if there is a next time. This project is what people will use to decide fi to give us more work.

      Getting ready to click trancsode i think, so see how long it takes to transcode 2.5h of footage (it took 15h to transcode 1.45h last time).

      Cheers again,


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