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      I am looking for a good brand of Fluid head tripod. From this post, I am hoping to get a nice list of brands or ideas.

      I was searching on ebay and found some good prices, but I don’t know of any reputable brands. I don’t want to end up getting some wall mart brand that claims to be fluid head.


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    Come on guys. I’m hoping someone can give me some ideas.



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    There was a similar question posted 3 months ago (below) that has a few answers.

    What would you recommend? (Tripod)

    I’m in a similar boat.


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    there are a lot of good brands of tripods. the things to look for in a tripod are weight, type of head, type of legs, price, maximum and minimum height and probably some other stuff too, but that’s what I look at. You’re already on the right track since you know to get a fluid head tripod. Look at the other characteristics as well to help decide what tripod works for you.

    I know you want people to tell you specific brands, but that doesn’t really matter because there are so many good brands. Look at what you need and try to fulfill your needs in a reasonable price range. Keep in mind that with tripods, you get what you pay for.

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    everything I own has Manfrotto on it.

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    Here are some of the top brands: Bogen-Manfrotto, Sachtler, Vinten, Cartoni, and Libec. Check out B&H for the best prices and service.


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    Well its not that I want people to tell me what brand to buy. I just know absolutely NOTHING about tripod brands.

    You ask me about cameras or video mics or something like that, and I know what is what. For tripods, all I know is the wal-mart brand. When I look on ebay or at stores, I am totally lost.

    So thanks for all of the input on the tripods. It will certainly help me get started.

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    The first thing to consider is the weight of the camera. The heavier the camera the sturdier the tripod should be. And the sturdier the tripod the more it will cost. But here are my recommendations:

    1. The head must be fluid head.

    2.The head must have adjustment for pan drag and adjustment for tilt drag in addition to pan lock and tilt lock.

    3. Choose a tripod with a floor spreader.

    4. Choose a tripod without the centre column. That centre column does not belong to a professional tripod.

    5. If you can, go to the store to buy the tripod. Look at the various models and then make a selection. Look for broken parts. The material of which present day tripods are made cracks very easily.

    6. A good tripod is a necessity. No use having an expensive camera with a bad tripod. Spend some money to get something good. The brand doesn’t matter toomuch. Personally I like Sachtler, Miller and Vinten.And do buy your tripod from a genuine Video/Camera store like B&H.You can’t get a decent tripod fromWalmart, Radio Shack, Best Buy etc.

    7. Finally make sure you get the quick mount adaptor which allows quick mounting of the camera, and don’t forget the carrying case.

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    i love the manfrotto brand

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    i love the manfrotto brand

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