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      <div id=”post_message_3747641″>I just finished the first part of what will end up
      being a 6-8min production video of a project we just finished at the San Diego

      Turn your speakers up, and give it a look… its in full HD.
      wanting some input, or constructive critisism before i continue…

      in advance…

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      Pretty good work – tells a good story.

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      nice stuff! i enjoyed the music, good slider work, and the intro camera angle was pretty dramatic. good stuff.

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      If this is for this company, I would suggest adding and ending screen with contact information. I thought this video was well executed and felt like it was only seconds long. Very nice work.

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      Good job.

      One thing I would have done differently is limit the number of truck/crane/dolly shots – There was a lot of motion and static shots seemed to be clumped together rather than the norm.

      Great use of video walls – especially the motion control FX you used.

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      I took a look at your vid and here’s my input. I’ve made a lot of training and exposition videos. This was an exposition video (showing some capability of what a company, etc. does) but it looked more like a training video.

      Now your technical skills concerning the look of the piece were very good. Though there were places in the shop where I believe you could have opened up the exposure a half to a full stop to keep a consistent look throughout.

      I liked the music but don’t think it fit what you were trying to convey. What would have helped was a much tighter editing pace with close-ups on both the workers and the action timed with the music.

      Your use of the crane/dolly/slider shots lent a professional polish to the video, but eventually were over and under utilized in places. The timelapse was a nice touch, but the pace was killed when you switched from timelapse to a normal-time shot of the cutting tool and back to the timelapse.

      Most important, though from what I could surmise the vid was about a fabrication shop at the SDZ. Yet, your shots kept the focus on the machine doing the sheet metal cutting and that big manufacturer’s logo gave me the impression that this was a promotion for that and not the SDZ.

      Lastly, you had the ‘Made in America’ at the end and my question was, “What? The sheet metal cutter or the parrot pattern? Since you didn’t show the workers completing the parrot at the end, it left me thinking, ‘okay that was probably an ad for the cutter not for the fabrication capacity within the SDZ.’

      Your work is definitely watchable, but you do need to work on your storytelling. This was a corporate video style shoot if I ever saw one. Corporate clients are notorious for not being creative, which is why they hire people like us. The stories you tell concerning their products and or capabilities have to be very direct and clear with strong beginnings, middles and endings. This one started out strong and got lost at the end. However, this is something that gets easy to improve upon as you keep going.

      All together you did good work. Just consider the things I mentioned so you can make adjustments for when you do your next one.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I agree with Birdcat “limit the number of truck/crane/dolly shots”. Your video was great, although I think the music doesn’t go well with the video. Good job

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      composite-1 …


      thank you so much for detaled advice…

      let me start by adding some more information.

      this is my FIRST video using only video… my first project was more of a slideshow, and can be found here…

      to add to my lackings… this was my first time using or touching a DSLR…. luckly it was a 5d M2, so the camera is great… i just know nothing about photography, or shooting video,

      i bought the jib for this projuct, so it was also the first time using one…

      i agree, that it adds a nice touch, in moderation, which i didnt notice until i was compiling all of my footage.

      this has been a lot of work, and a huge learning curve, but i have a new video that should be done in a few more days… ill be sure to add it to the thread for more input…

      also the video posted was not ment to be complete, it was just the first of what would have ended up being a 5-8 min piece.


      thanks again for your thoughtful advise.

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      For a first-time video shoot, you’ve got nothing to be sorry about. Don’t sweat it. Nobody’s first production is perfect. Nobody’s. Like I said, you do watchable work. However, there was enough polish on this to give the impression it was a finished work. Also, just as an aside get a Vimeo account because their compression does far more justice to HD pieces than the ‘Tube. I’ve got a ‘Tube account as well and they just don’t compare. Lastly, if you think this is the end of ‘the learning curve’ forget it. It ends when you quit shooting….

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      Good video,

      too much things in presentation I see a well equiped sign maker with a Multi Cam router I see also an employee handling a metal sheet without glove this picture is bad because no security level everybody can touch metal sheet like a razor blade.

      You try to show too much in 5 minutes, I cannot find the main ideas behind the movie. It is a sign designer and manufacturer or simply show that this guy is well equiped to made sign or also is to advertize the router manufacturer.

      Technic side is perfect but you try to deliver too much message. Before to shot make a scenario or a script and focus on something. Remember that a shop is not equipment, employees are the heart of creativity and production.

      Refine your scenario and you are in business for long time.



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      Alright everyone… ive been working double time to try and piece together another version. here is the link

      same as before, let me know what you think…

      SIGNMAX… thank you for your input…

      i agree, that the people make the company…

      we are a 30 year old company, although i have only been apart of it for the last 7.

      unfortunately it is to late to re-shoot this project, so ill need use what i have, but i will absolutely be re-evaluating this experience before i shoot even one second of footage for the next one…

      i thought i learned alot from my first video… but i learned even for on this one…

      can wait to start shooting the next one…. fortunately we have been blessed with more work than we can handle, and much of it, are very interesting projects.

      i look forward to hearing some feedback on the new version….

      btw, this one is complete.

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      how can i embed the NEW version into this thread?

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       im sure most of you hate this question… but what would you value the NEW video to be worth?

      just curious… i have no idea what fils go for… but id guess around $3500???

      what do you think?

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       No idea about value but one thing that stands out on the non-technical side (which seemed good) is the description, “…showcase our companies capabilities as…”  It should read, “our company’s” (possessive) instead.  Liked the final version a lot though.

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       thanks for the input…

      guess i should of had someone spell check…

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