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      I am involved in a very exiting innovating service. It is

      We make our users share their media contents with their friends instantly, skipping the lengthy file upload phase. We provide synchronized watching experience for the Initiator (broadcaster) and the Viewers (friends). And furthermore – the file size is unlimited, you can run any size you like!

      The Initiator have to go through short setup, while the Viewer just should have a Flash player in his browser (same for the Initiator). We support almost every known media formats.

      The trick is online media transcoding and streaming from the desktop to SeeToo servers. The synchronization is achieved by constantly monitoring and feedback of all participants and adjusting both the up-going and the down-going streams to the feedback parameters.

      We are in operational beta state. All core functionalities are on and working. We are currently working on further enriching the functionality scope.

      I would appreciate any your remarks, comments or hints.



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      Hmm. I’d just stick with youtube). The benefits you mention are not enough for me to spend time learning how it works.

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      Also remember that this will count against any bandwidth constraints you may have (like Comcasts 250GB/month) as instead of uploading and taking a hit once, you’ll be sending those gigabytes over and over…

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      Hi Cris and Birdcat

      Thanks for your responses.

      Considering time learning – well it is very match straightforward. Very short setup process, than select a file to play and select a buddy to invite. It is very intuitive. Try it and you’ll see how easy it is.

      Bandwidth: it is not quite so. First of all the our transcoding is quite efficient, it can be factor 10/20 or more, depends on the available upload bw. Currently we limit our upload stream to up to ~450Kbits/sec. It is configurable. Second – the use-case we provide is of more casual and instant kind. It is much like IM session versus an email. You have got your buddy online and you want to share with him/her something funny/exiting/personal right now, without any delay, as if you were sitting in the same room. Without waiting ,30min-couple of hours, for the file to upload. This is the use-case we have in mind.

      Thanks again,


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      Alex –

      Are you saying that if I share a video (say a ten minute clip on my hard drive with size of 500MB) then I won’t have to upload 500MB?

      Also, if I do this next month, are you keeping what I sent in cache somewhere or will I have to stream that 500MB over again?

      Since you limit your upload bitrate, do I have to convert everything I want to share first to a lower quality?

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      At our current max upload bandwidth, your 10 min clip will use at most about 33 MB. This is the maximum value, assuming that you have got available the upload 450 Kbits and assuming that the clip content requires it.

      We do not keep no user content in our servers. This is one of our advantages compared to other content sharing services – you do not store your private stuff onsomebody else’sserver. We might add it as a ‘on request’ feature in the future. Therefore you you’ll have stream it again.

      But keep in mind that when you show a video to your buddy, it is not necessarily that you see it from the beginning to the end – you might skip to somewhere in the middle, watch couple of minutes and go to another video, or any other use-case flow that you can imagine. On SeeToo session all participants can control the playback.

      You do not have to convert anything. If your content is one of the formats that we support (we support most of the video/audio formats), then we’ll do it automatically. No effort is required from your side.

      Try us. The service is free of charge.


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