Inkjet printable DVD-R’s & CD-R’s with silver face?

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      Inkjet printable DVD-R’s & CD-R’s with silver face like factory cds & dvds do they make them?

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      They sure do.

      I bought a spindle of 100 Verbatim CD’s and hate the darn things.

      Don’t get me wrong, if you are using just text they look mighty fine, but if like me you use photo’s are the main background they are downnright awful to look at. The Silver background is overpowering and the ink colours are not as rich as they should be – light colours become metalic and dark clours – especially black look muddy.

      I use Cannon Pixma iP4000 printer and have printed using saturation control, enhancement control and all the other tweaks you can use.

      With photo images on the disc, I’ll put my money on printable white discs any day,

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      I buy Print-on TDK in local COSTCO Wholesale club. They look beautiful until get touched with wet fingers. They are good for a give-away demo or an internal use.
      For a commercial use go thermoprint.

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      I shoot mostly weddings and I like to use a thermal printer (I use the Primera Signature Z1 – only $140) and print just black (mostly text) on Verbatim Datalife Plus DVD-Rs with reflective/shiny surfaces. It does wonders and works VERY well! You’d be surprised what something so small can do in the eye of the client! πŸ˜‰

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      Perhaps, but if I was gonna go the route of full color printing, I’d be looking at more than I’d like to spend for a thermal printer. I’d NEVER go with an inkjet printer for on-disc printing. Just my preference

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      I have used silver shiny TAIYO YUDEN DVD-R Media and the TEAC P-11 Thermal printer with great looking results!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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