Info Request: GL2 compatibility with Class 10 SDHC

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      Does anyone know if the GL2 will work with a class 10 card? Also will the memory card allow video capture or only stills?

      My instinct says that I’m probably safer to use tape anyway, but if anyone has a different opinion then this is the place to share it!

      I had a few problems with my old Panasonic camera using miniDV tape but generally it worked well.

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      Our Canon GL2 can only capture still images to the SD card.  The class 10 card should work, though I have not tested it.  I recently purchased a Class 10 card for my Sony camcorder and it works without issues.  Usually these cards are backward compatible, they can operate slower than their rated speed but not faster.

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      Ah, ok thanks for that. I didn’t know for certain that a C10 could run at C6 speed, for example. I might pick up the SD card anyway so I can use the camera as a photo camera if the need arises. Thank you!

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