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      We have used 2 Panasonic SVHS camcorder setups with a Panasonic switcher for years. Each recorded it’s own tape and there was a live feed through a Panasonic switcher that recorded to a remote deck. We do live switching, using one cam for closeup, the other for full view. We need manual focus and manual exposure control that can be changed on the fly, live. Also, need remote mike input.

      The last 2 years, we sent the SVHS video feed directly to Panasonic DVD recorders, recording to discs directly. We keep the cams on without stopping and later in post, play the individual dances to another DVD recorder, breaking between each one to give each dance routine it’s individual chapter and title.

      It’s time to step up and do a total digital setup. I need suggestions on a good combination of cameras, switcher and recorder, and yes, price is a major factor as we don’t do a lot of these on a regular basis and the equipment doesn’t get heavy use. I’m confused on new file types due to having no need to go there, but now, I must consider these in my needs.

      How about suggestions on a nice prosumer setup that would work good together?


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      1. What is your budget?

      You can easily get 2 mini dv cams that can go to manual settings. Depending on your focus issues, you can go Consumer or Prosumer (Canon GL series, for example)

      EBAY can be your friend. I picked up a Videonices MX-1 Switcher for under $500.

      2. What type of audio inputs? RCA or XLR? Have you thought of getting a sound mixer for your audio?

      Generally, set your budget and list your needs. Videomaker has in the past run articles on purchasing equipment based on different needs and budgets.

      Good luck!

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