Inexpensive starter camera recommendations?

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      I’m seeking advice for a HD videocamera suited to creating music videos – for a beginner – with the long term thought that this would be a first, introductory step – and not building an entire system around it just yet (with an eye towards selling easily and moving into higher end stuff down the road).

      I’ve been seriously looking at the CMOS 1920×1080 60i Sony NEX-5 (or 5N) and have almost pulled the trigger but need to know for sure if there is something else out there that’s a dedicated video camera that would be able to beat it in the sub $1K price range?

      NOT looking to buy the newest greatest thing unless it’s vastly superior for similar money as the last models. I’d rather consider the last generation gear on blowout – or even used. Unsure about anything at all with MiniDV…especially used. Too many moving parts and heads to wear?

      Advantage to the dedicated video camera would be better I/O and possibly build in lens. The interchangeability of NEX lenses is nice, but opens a whole other can of worms/expense.

      Biggest concerns would really be stabilizing such a small camera – including zooms and focus moves, hand held or on a mount. Also syncing music in post (should be easy in FinalCutProX w/reference tracks on the video – but NEX5 has no audio inputs only a mic).

      Any suggestions, or other considerations please let me know – thanks!

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