Inexpensive Character Generator?

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    My high school video studio currently has a Videonics Titlemaker 3000, which is what, about 10 years old now?

    I’ve looked and looked but I can’t seem to find any form of CG that would work as a replacement/upgrade. I’d like to keep the cost around 1000 – 1500. Is there no kind of PCI card made that would slide into a PC and let me key titles/graphics overtop of live video, run in through S-Video? I’d like my students to have access to more fonts/graphic capabilities than the Videonics machine offers, and it seems like a no-brainer with technology as cheap as it is today.

    This would be used in a multi-camera/switcher studio situation, so post software won’t cut it.

    Any advice? Thanks!

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    Well, here’s a cheap solution, that might possibly work.
    Most video switchers have a chroma key effect, so, in theory:

    On a computer, create a title with a solid background color. Using an S-Video out connection from your computer hook it up to your video switch, then display the title on your computer (and the S-video).

    From there, you should be able to key out the background and have your title.

    Now, theoretically, this would work, but I’m sure many production problems will happen, and I wouldn’t really recommend it

    As with compusolver, I only have basic experience with live broadcasting. (It was at my middle school.)

    Also, can I ask you a question?
    How do you broadcast your video throughout the whole school?

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    quartz composer on the mac

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    Well, we have an in-house head-in unit used to run cable to all our classrooms. We used a channel "eraser" to get rid of one of the cable channels and then a modulator to replace it with our own AV feed.

    You guys have some good ideas, but it just seems like there should be a cheap PC CG – if not, someone should really invent one!!!!

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    these guys from are really good.
    they have great help material too. you can learn a lot from their approach.

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    Titledeko Pro by pinnacle is a good program that costs $200. We used at my broadcast school and loaded in into a relatively cheap computer. I would suggest implementing this program and using the rest of your budget on hardware and switcher installation assistance.(if needed)

    *note – this progam can make great graphics and is a good tool for teaching, but it has it’s limits to the quality of graphics. (Eg. no 3D motion)

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    My old grade school has the exact same CG, so I feel for you. It was my job to operate it for broadcasts, and it wasn’t too flashy. If I was you, I would check up eBay for a replacement. I have no experience with using a computer for live broadcasts, so I wouldn’t know if anything out there would work for you. You might be able to see if the local news station has an old titler you could use.

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