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      Hi, ive been reading up other posts trying to solve my question… but decided to ask a bit more directly. I am looking to buy a camcorder, for in door use only, which generally means a low light scenario. It also should sport image stabilization as a feature. It must be easy to hold with one hand… Alright well basically its for home made adult videos…

      I am also looking for something with either a Memory card like SD, or hard drive based… I really dont want to use any mini dvd’s, but still recommend them anyways, maybe I can settle.

      Price range is around, or below $1,000. Preferably I’m looking for something in the $600 area, image quality doesn’t have to be amazing.

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      While I’ll abstain from my opinions about your choice of "subject matter", I will say that for that price, you’re not going to get much of anything for overall quality.

      You mentioned SD, Hard Drives, and Mini DVD’s. I wouldn’t use any of these formats. They’re all going to be compressed, and as soon as you edit them the quality will degrade to blurred, crappy images. Stick to MiniDV, the tape format. It’s digital quality, you lose very little image in repeated playback, and it’s better for editing and converting into computer formats.

      On the Sub-$1000 MiniDV market, you’re going to need to pick a camera based off your specific needs. If you plan on filming in low light (standard daytime home lighting is just above the "low light" border, any less is definitely low lighting, and even this is probably considered low light to many) you’re going to have trouble with pretty much every camera out there in your budget. IF you can spend $2000, Sony has some exceptional cameras. I have a Consumer grade Sony handycam, and it’s okay in low light, but the overall picture quality can’t hold a candle to even my GL-2, which isn’t the best low-light performer in the prosumer market.

      For your budget, I’d suggest either a nice Sony or JVC. SPend as much as you can, get as low of a "true" Lux rating you can find. I highly doubt you can find a 3CCD camera with the features you need in your budget, but if you can, go for it. 3CCD is far better picture.

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      I potentially have a budget higher than 1000 and lower than 2000, its just that all the camcorders I have seen in that range are like much larger more professional kinds. Not many high quality hand helds, although I have read about a few really neat hand helds coming out in japan in that 1000+ price range.

      I assume you were referring to namely a Sony SV2100, which looks great in features, but I just can’t handle the size. Also this is won’t be for professional use. Mostly just a hobby I want to take up…

      I see your point on the SD/HDD based camcorders. The only real reason I wanted to go with one of those is because I would only connect the camera through firewire. I have an iMac which uses a slot loading method for taking in cd’s, and the mini dvd’s are not supported.

      So any mid to high end compact camcorders preferably with image stabilization and low light features is what I am looking for, if that clears anything up.

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