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      I’ve recently downloaded a trial version of Sony Vegas Pro v. 9. As a user of Cyberlink PowerDirector 7, Sony Vegas succeeded in showing a great impression. Though the controls are somewhat intimidating, the features are a set of great things to see with the first NLE that I work with. I have also came scross an “HD Enhancement” tool for increasing video resolution in PowerDirector v. 8. Is this possible in Sony Vegas Pro 9, or possibly via Sony Vegas plug-in that is free or relatively cheap?

      Is there a tool for increasing a video’s resolution to HD qualityvia Sony Vegas, or possibly with any one of its plug-ins?

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      Red Giant has a program for $100 that will do a fair job of trasnforming SD video to HD – It’s called Instant HD – Linke is:

      There is also an advanced version available from them.

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      Great link to a set of Vegas add-on software, but I’m not searching for anything fancy, just a simple plug-in download for upscaling a video’s resolution to that of HD quality. Red Giant is a great idea, but for $100, I’d have to expect something much more. I’ve been looking at Boris Red, and refused it just by its hefty price right at one grand.

      Cyberlink PowerDirector has an SD to HD upscale tool of its own. Having checked out the trial of Sony Vegas Pro 9, I was impressed with the workflow, but hadexpected to find a way of upscaling video resolution natively.

      Is there any “simpler” way of doing this? When I say “simpler”, I am refering to something that doesn’t consist of special-end (i.e. special affects) software. Maybe my expectations were too high when searching for a free plug-in download. Nice reference, though, but I am still wondering if my hopes for a free plug-in are at all possible.

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      i didnt see anything bout the software working for sony vegas..does it?

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      “i didnt see anything bout the software working for sony vegas..does it?”

      Nothing said about Vegas that I came acrossed here – you would probably have to process the the video via Red Giant’s software and import it for editing in Sony Vegas Pro.

      Back to my original question, is this software via free plug-in download? Is there a more simplified version in the form of a free download for Sony Vegas Pro, or possibly even a separate freeware download? Just wondering.

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      Just uprez you video in Vegas it makes it a little better and some sharpness to the video not a lot mind you and then render at a higher setting. You can also look for a plug in called neat video it does a real good job of cleaning up noise and giving the vid a better look

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      I couldn’t find an uprez tool anywhere within my Sony Vegas help file. Could you give me a link to the plug-in download for uprez-ing video? The Neat Video for Vegas plug-in download also looks great my its reviews. Frankly, it’s the first plug-in download that my Google searchces have darkened the doorway of.

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      Ok there is no official plug in in Vegas that is called uprez. basically what you are doing is when you put your video on the time line add just a touch of sharpness to the video or you can use neat Video if you like then when you go to render render at a higher quality then what you video is and there you go you just Uprezed your video and a little better resolution. Its not going to be much but a little better quality. Go to the Sony Vegas users forum and search there for Uprez there was a big discussion about this there.

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      In a nutshell — Vegas can handle HD and SD video on the same timeline — no plug-ins are needed for this.

      One method is to simply edit/use your SD footage and render to an HD format (like DarylDRJ suggested).

      Another method is to setup your project as an HD project, then work with your SD footage there (you’ll see the extra real estate in your prevew window, unless you pan/crop/zoom in to fill the frame), and still render to an HD format.

      Just keep in mind that since your source footage was SD, you won’t be gaining much, IMO, by upconverting (uprez). But honestly I haven’t played with this — perhaps by sharpenning it a bit and “upping” it, our eyes will perceive it as being sharper (perhaps being viewed on better HD home TVs makes it appear better?).

      Well, that’s my 3 cents for the day..

      πŸ™‚ Rob

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      Thx – I’ll look into that (e.g. see if my system can handle editing HD MPEG-2)

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