Increase Audio Output of MP4

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I have an MP4 video I made, the output audio volume of which I need to increase so that the video's audio volume will not be so darned low on You Tube.

How would I increase the audio output of that MP4 file?



PS: I, like many, work with other video formats as well, and I'd like to be able to do the same, as above, with other formats as well. Thanks again!

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Which editing software do you use?

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Matt, your editing software should give numerous ways to accomplish what you need, hence the question form Charles. Just a few ways (of course dependent on your software) to boost audio of your clip would be to open it in your video editor and: 1) in the left hand margin for the audio track there might be afunction to boost the level of the audio, 2) Copy the audio track and paste on blank audio track (synced with first), 3) if your video software comes with an audio editor, copy audio track to the editor and boost there and return it to video editor... The info about your editing softwarewill undoubtablybring many more responses from others on this forum.

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There are many ways to increase the volume of mp4 file at Google Search:

How to Increase Audio Volume Video AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, YouTube, etc?


Hope it can help you!

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I use ddvideo video to mp4gain,usually,I increase my many video format files volume to 96db.(like mp4,avi,flv,mpeg,dat,wmv,3gp,mov,rmvb,vob,asf etc many video format)

The program increase/decrease volume from 75db to 105db and normalize volume at the same sound level with high quality.very great.enjoy it!

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Just googles search Step by Step Guide to Increase Audio Volume of MP4 with iDealshare VideoGo, you will find a detailed guide.