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      I’m doing a VIDEO for my website … using Windows Movie Marker.

      1) I have a video of a hand puppet talking .. that is .. Audio + Video. Lip sync. NOT a separate Voice Over Audio track.

      2) Runs 2 minutes. Not a Series of Stills. 2 minutes of motion picture.

      3) At 1 minute 10 seconds I want to Drop a Still Photo into the Time Line
      … and keep it in the Time Line for 15 seconds
      … while the puppet’s AUDIO continues in the background
      … describing the Still Photo that is now showing on the screen.

      4) Then the Motion Video picture continues with the puppet shown on the screen continuing the narration. No interruption in the narration. Now when the Still Photo frame appears … the narration stops.

      5) In the Help Topics of Windows Movie Marker … I can’t locat how to Drop a Still Photo into a running Motion Picture Narration … without stopping the narration.

      Windows Movie Marker Help "To Narrate The Time Line." does not cover this situation.

      Any suggestions?
      Thank you very much for any help.
      John D.

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      Well, I don’t know much about Movie Maker other than it’s pretty under-powered. I’m not sure if capable of multi video tracks or not.

      With Premiere, you can have multiple video layers, which you can ad stills or video to without interupting the time line and the audio sync.

      I would try and get your hands on another video editing software.


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      Thanks, MF,
      I’ll look into another editor.

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