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      I am using Sony Vegas Pro 9. Currently I convert all my AVCHD files with NewBlueFX upshift to .m2ts. When I render in vegas for standard DVD burning it takes forever. Just rendering an hour long video to .mpeg will take my computer about 6-8 hours before I can out put to DVDArchitect 5 and then burning takes at least another 45minurtes to an hour. Is this just the way it is? Or, Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there a way to improve my render time?

      My System specs are: AMD Athon X2 Dual Core 3.2 ghrz @ 64 bit, Windows 7 64, 4 gb ddr2 800 ram, and Nvida GT7600 DDR3 256 video card.

      My other concern is that when I began to render for Blu-Ray it will take my computer a week just to render the file. Thanks for your help.

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      Grinner Hester

      try sending a QT reference to DVDarchitect. I’ve never used DVDarchitect so I don’t know how long it usually takes but a one hour showslow and low at 1X speed should not take more than an hour.

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      I think your problem is the video card. Mine is a GEForce 256 MB and is slow too. We need to upgrade to at least a Nvidia quadro 3800. They have 1 GB of ram. They will sure do the job a lot faster. They are about $800

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      I heard that Sony Vegas pro uses the CPU more than the GPU. If that is true then my video card doesn’t make much difference. Can any one confirm or deny that? If upgrading my video card would speed up my render times I would gladly upgrade asap.

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      Sony Vegas Pro does not use the GPU any more than a non-media Windows application would. Bottom line is that it does not use the GPU at all.

      I really wish there was a way to shut off preview while rendering in Vegas.

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      So there is nothing I can do? How long does it take some of you out there to render for DVD and/or Blu-Ray? and What programs are you using? I really want to stream line the process. I agree you XTR-91, Vegas should offer the option to turn off the preview window for rendering.

      Should I switch to Adobe Premier? Does it render quickly and more efficiently? Does anyone have any suggestions or does it just take forever to render your projects too? Thanks.

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      For the most part, I think that it’s just the way it is, and Premiere Pro will probably not do youmuch better. To convert video (not edit), I useWinFX Video Converterand it does it a lot faster than Vegas.

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      wait, does everything else on your computer run faster?

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      You don’t say how long your original media is that you’re rendering, but here’s a few observations…

      Your dual-core processor is pretty old – An upgrade to at least a quad-core is the first thing I would recommend. You don’t say what your HDD configuration is, but if you are doing everything on one drive, then that will slow your renders.

      I looked at your samples on your website and it looks like you put a lot of FX into your productions. Every FX you add slows the renders a lot. I have a five-minute video that takes my quad-core PC 13-hours to render solely due to the number of FX I have on the timeline.

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      Thanks for clearing that up. I thought my computer taking forever to render was an odd thing but it appears to be the norm. XTR-91, with windows 7 64 and sony vegas pro 9 64 everything runs faster. As for my HDD configuration I have one dedicated drive for all my software and a separate drive for all my audio/video files. Stevemann, yes I do use quite a bit of FX on my edits. Thanks for checking out my site. And thank you guys for responding to my post.

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