Improve Preview Smoothness? – What Could I Do?

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      i have vegas pro 8, and my PC has 8gigs of ram, about 600gigs of memory plus an external 640gb harddrive….it has an AMD quad-core processor…and im editing unprofessional miniDV footage form a consumer camcorder with not very good quality, BUT when Im editing my preview video lags and goes like at 20 frames when i do some effects…i think my computer shouldnt be doing this.. Any suggestions on what I can do?…

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      This is very common when previewing unedited video and a bunch of effects/overlays simultaneously. Gets kinda annoying with my dual core 1.66 GHz – it’s often hardto preview video with change in speed, effects applied, transitions, etc.

      You might be able to adjust the picture quality of your preview screen (this will not affect the ultimate result of the video quality).

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      Rendering the video should help with the preview

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      make sure the temp files are using the internal HDD

Viewing 3 reply threads
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