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      I just watched the Launch promo for CS5 and I’m not blown away, but they’ve definitely got some ‘wow’ factors in some of the improvements and tools. Off the top of my head things that grabbed me were:

      Mercury Playback Engine (Premiere Pro)

      Puppet Pins, Background removal/replacement tools, brush mixing (Photoshop)

      Auto Rotoscoping, RAM Preview capable of fully using available RAM (AFX)

      Codeless creation and importation of designs from Suite Programs into Flash and Dreamweaver.

      Looks like it will be worth the $900 bucks to upgrade from CS3! BTW, you can catch the promo yourselves at Let me know your thoughts on this.

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      I’m not much into Adobe stuff other than creating web pages with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and Fireworks CS3… and of course the essential Flash and Adobe Acrobat software.

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      Wow, Adobe’s embedded in my work flow like tatoo ink! Phoshop, AFX, Premiere and others help round what I and my team do. I’m torn between Vegas and Premiere though. I think in many respects Vegas is better because of the integration with ACID and Sound Forge. But if the Mercury Playback Engine does what it says it can, Premiere may become my primary editor.

      Though I’ve had CS3 since ’08, I’m only just getting around to using fireworks and dreamweaver. So far I haven’t found one decent manual on how to use the stuff so it’s taking time.

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      If I upgrade from CS4 to CS5, do I get the “whole” software or just a patch?

      (I’ve had trouble with the patch sort of thing in the past.)

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      Most of the upgrades for the bundles are $599. The Master C is $899. It would be an add-on. I just want to make sure that the upgrade will convert the 32-bit based program to 64-bit. I’m seriously not looking to plunk down $2600 bucks for a whole new copy!

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