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      I’ve got a projects that involves about 200 separate Video files, totaling about four hours. Problem is, I can’t seem to import (or open) them all into a single Vegas project file. I’ve got a Quad system with 6 gigs of RAM. I can get about half of the files open in a single project, but when I try to add any more (via open, import, or even cut and paste from another project file) Vegas crashes. I’m I asking to much of Vegas here or is there another technique I should know about?


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      You may have simply run out of system resources. Does Vegas CRASH or simply stop working, or slow to a crawl? Do you get any warning messages?

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      Hi Steve, thanks for your response.

      Vegas doesn’t actually crash, it stops working. Just seems to die and I have to manually bail out of it to continue. No warning messages of any kind. I’m monitoring my six gigs of RAM, and only half of it is being used at the time. Four processors hardly chugging. Maybe it’s a hard drive issue? BTW Vegas 9 Pro, Windows 7.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      200 separate video files are a lot of videos to process. I think you will need a more powerful computer, but you can try to import the most possible videos separately on individual Vegas projects, render them individually and when you have all the clips make another Vegas project and make the final edit. What does this do is make, lets say 50 video clips become one, does making it easier for Vegas or any NLE to handle. Of course you will really need to think how your going to edit the videos because if you need to fix a render file you will need to go back to the project and render it again. A good edit on paper comes to my mind for best results.

      This is what I do when I work with large projects. I don’t have the best resources (Macbook Pro with Premiere Pro), but I always manage with the best of it. I used Vegas when I had Windows so I kind of remember it a bit. Hopes this helps.

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      Thanks for the info, this is the route I’ve been forced to take. I think it will actually work out very well. My footage is broken up into separatecategories, so I can render each separately and bring them back in. I think it will force me to be more organized so that’s good as well. Thanks for your input!


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