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      Hello, I am using Avid Liquid 7, and a FujiFilm S700 camera is the source. I tried to use some avi files off the camera, and at first the icon for the film shows a frame, drag it to the time line and it shows a frame, but on the viewers both source and editor they show only green…spent a little bit of time and changed the interlacing option to bottom first, then now i can see the film but there are about 2-3 frames per second that are green, it seems to be random but not sure, anyone have an idea how to fix this? I have tried several clips from this camera and all do the same thing…watching them on another source they look fine.

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      First we need to clear up the propblem with how you describe things. A source is something that outputs some sort of signal into a display device. So saying you watch something on another source makes no sense at all. At best, it means you watched them on your cameras display, where we would expect perfect playback.

      So it leaves us with very little to work with. And it appears you have done nothing to solve the problem. Let’s start with, how are the AVI files getting into your computer? Will the files play in any media players on your computer? Or do they play on another computer but not yours? According to your cameras specs sheet, you have two modes of recording your AVI files, have you tried both modes? And what do you mean when you say “watching them on another source they look fine,” are you feeding your alternate display with the AV signals out of the camera? As I said before, of course the camera will playback its own video, what happens when you play the video from another source? But as I read it, the AVI’s are saved to internal memory. Once you get them out of the camera, what players have you tried? Real Media, Windows Media Player, Quicktime or any of a number other media players may or may not play the files. Since you are using what is essentially a still camera, you could easily have a codec problem. But until you attempt to play the video on other computers using other players, we wouldn’t know. And have you tried any of the numerous conversion programs? What happens with them? So far, all you’ve done is the same thing over & over while expecting something different to happen.

      Try troubleshooting the files and let us know what the results are. Don’t bother using the camera for anything other than a source to download the video. And be sure to try both AVI modes the camera records in. Once we have some idea of what you are actually doing, we may have a number of simple solutions. But it does seem unlikely the problem has anything to do with your NLE.

      Get back to us with some facts and give us a fighting chance to help you find the problem. Then we can fix it.

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