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      Is there anyway to capture video from my TV? My friend was recently interviewed on the news, I want to import this footage into my camcorder so we can use it in a short film.

      Thanks for your help

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      I can get the footage to play on the video camera now but I can’t record it. I am assuming this is something to do with my camcorder to prevent piracy.

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      can’t help unless we know how you got from the TV into the camcorder. However, assuming you mean you recorded onto a TV with internal hard drive recorder, and then went out to the camcorder using composite video – I’d bet your guess is spot on – however you say you can get it to play but not record? You mean you can see it on the camcorder screen but the record button won’t work? This suggests a copy protect flag of some kind – but could easily just be that (if you were in the UK) your camcorder will not record from it’s line input. Frequently a feature disabled in the UK. We need more info.

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