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      I have some footage that I edited on some other software. Made myself a copy on dvd. Tried to import this into Pro 2.0 but it doesnt seem to like the file types.

      the dvd files are are in two folders labeled Video TS and Sonic. In the Video folder the files are VOB, IFO and BUP and in the Sonic folder the files include Jpegs etc.

      Why wont PP2.0 accept these files?

      Rather how do we convert those files into something that is acceptable to PP2.0?

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      Well, I wish I still had the dv tapes but I thought Id never use the footage again of a wedding (not my wedding) and taped over it.

      So you think I need another program huh?

      I was hoping you were going to say, you could run it out of the original program (Sonic Foundry’s Video Explosion Deluxe – Now discontinued)
      then somehow magically back into PP.

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      Have you tried to re-capture it?

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      Mr Beasley

      well, I dont have the original tape and I dont have a line in feature on my camera so the only option seems to be that program that Compusolver was talking about.

      I did try some free rippers from – claims to be spyware free however I had 52 hijackers on my system and over 1000 registry problems (now fixed) I cant say for sure but Im pretty sure they came from there cause that was the only place I downloaded programs from.

      so, in answer to your question, no. Its odd that the dvd will play on a dvd player but will not get captured to PP.

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