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      I recently shot a short documentary in Uganda for a non-profit with an HD camera. I left the camera with the organization and took the .Mts files back home on an external hard drive. Found out they won’t import, oh no!

      So I looked into converting them and have downloaded almost a dozen programs to convert the files but there is ALWAYS a noticeable quality loss. It has become REALLY frustrating and I need some solid advice on how to get this video in the Premiere at good quality. I need a good converting program. Work-arounds? What format should I convert into?

      I also have Premiere Pro 1.5. I know it’s a little older but it’s all I’ve got (and can afford). Thank you VERY MUCH for the help!

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      Have you tried creating avi intermediary files using Neoscene, then converting back to .mts? Works very well.


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      Hmmm. My reply never showed up.

      I said that I have used AVDHD UpShift from NewBlueFX/VASST. It converts MTS files to lightly compressed MPG (higher quality == bigger files).

      It worked great for me.

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      It’s possible the editing program is not using the full resolution to speed up the editing process. Premiere Pro does this. After the render is the final output still low quality?

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      Birdcat – I tried your program and it is a really good one! I can’t even tell the quality difference.

      The only problem is I have Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, and it doesn’t accept .M2t files (which is what your program converts to…). I need like an AVI or WMV file… Do you have any other ideas?

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      try renaming the m2t file to mpg and see if that works

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      Nick, if birdcat’s last suggestion doesn’t work, I know Jack’s suggestion does. NeoScene might be your best bet (

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