Importing camera movie files into Sony Vegas Movie Studio 6.

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      I have a Cannon PowerShot S31S Digital camera that will take movies.
      The camera manual says under the file format section:
      Movies: AVI (Image data:Motion JPEG, Audio data:WAVE (stereo))
      What gets loaded on my computer when I download the movie file are 2 files:
      Name of 1st file will be MVI_XXXX, file type listed as "video clip"
      Name of 2nd file will be the same MVI_XXXX, file type listed as "THM file" (~9-12 kb)
      What is the purpose of the 2nd file? What do I need to know about this?

      I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 6.0 for editing.
      Sony Vegas Movie Studio 6.0 manual says:
      Vegas software supports a wide range of media file types. The list includes:
      * MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 extensionfiltered=.mpg Definitionfiltered=MPEGS, files compressed using a lossy audio/video compression method, can be used with Vegas software
      * QuickTime, .qt Definitionfiltered=QuickTime standard audio/video format
      * Video for Windows extensionfiltered=.avi Definitionfiltered=Standard audio/video format used on Microsoft Windows based computers

      My technical question is this…
      Importing my Cannon movie file directly into Sony Vegas will not work.
      Why can’t I import my Cannon movie files into Sony Vegas directly?
      What I have found will work is first importing the camera movie file into Windows Movie Maker, then saving the clip from there (what format is that?). I can then import that file into Veags with no problem. However, ithat requires an additional step in my editing. Is there any way to skip this step? Also, it is confusing to me exactly what the file format is that comes out of Windows Movie maker. The file name in my folder is called"Whatever name I gave the file clip", the file type is listed as "Windows Media Audio/Video file". What extension is that?

      Hope this makes sense and you can help.

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      You need to install a M-JPEG codec. I tried Sony Vega for the first time yesterday and hit the same problem but a search of the knowledge base described this problem and provided a couple of links to download suitable trial software. I used the first link, downloaded, restarted Vegas and all was well.

      PS. Have since registered (i.e. purchased) both Vegas and the codec.

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      Question, recently brought Vegas movie studios 6

      and have been downloading animation, and wanted to start making some video clips…. unfortunatly I cannot get it to accept Unreal Player .rm as a format

      Can anyone help???

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