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Importing and storing video from various formats

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    I have a ton of Hi8 tapes lying around that I would like to digitize. There’s probably more MiniDv tapes whose content I’d like to make more available for viewing.I alsorecently got an HD camera. In years past, I’ve gone the Premiere-Canopus-Reel DVD route to make a few DVDs.However, that was only for content that Iwas willing to edit at the time. My questionnow is what’s the best way to import all the formats into a format that would allow subsequent editing if I ever get around to it.I used to work with avi’s to make those standard defDVDs. Took tons of space.Finally, storing all this stuff. Seems like DVDs are becoming less convenient. I’ve been using a 2Tb external drive to store and playHD files.

    As a note, both the Hi8 and MiniDV cameras are functional. In fact, I’ve been hooking them up to digitize Hi8 tapes.

    Would appreciate any words of wisdom.

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