imported video does not play but can hear sounds..

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      I am having problems with playing and editing imported AVI format videos. I press the play button in the imported preview screen and the video is frozen at the first frame but the video sound plays. However, the play head moves forward. I drag the video to the timeline and I press play on the dash board. the same thing is happening the play head moves forward but the video is frozen at the first frame and only the audio is playing. what am I doing wrong? I am running premiere pro cs4 on windows 7 operating system. thank you for your help in advance..

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      I think I have the same question, and recently posted it but no replies. Is this problem simiilar to yours? (I posted a sample on Youtube you can see from this link):

      What is the source of your AVI files? (What kind of camera, etc.)? I think that has something to do with it but I’m not sure.

      One way or another, let’s see if we can figure it out. This weekend I will try to convert some of my AVI’s in Pinnacle and see if I can edit that converted file in Premiere Pro. Seems like a waste to have to do that though to edit what is really pretty basic stuff.

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      somewhat simillar to yours. except for me the video is frozen in the first frame and will not play forward. only plays the sound. the first frame is frozen and it just vibrates now and then.. is this because I have windows 7?

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      I doubt it’s Windows 7 (I have Vista 64 and XP 32 I’m trying it on and I have problems). I doubt it’s Windows-related. I think it’s either Adobe’s problem with codecs or a frame rate issue–but I’m not sure. I am also having the problem withPP CS4 but not with Pinnacle Studio.

      FYI there is no sound in my video(the game cameras and the Brinno cam don’t record sound)–so I’d bet the problems are similar.

      I’ve noticed that I do have one game camera that shoots AVI’s and those files work, though. It’s only the newer cameras (also shooting AVI’s) that have this trouble. I have AVI’s from a capture card, too, that work fine. So it’s not AVI’s only–just certain ones. I will run some more tests tomorrow and see if I can isolate the problem any further and we’ll see.

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      Have you tried rendering a final product (even though the preview is bad, does the final product look okay)? I suspect the answer is that it doesn’t look okay, but I figured I’d ask.

      I think the problem is with codecs. I came across this article:

      To test it, I used Adobe Media Encoder to encode various AVI files I was having trouble with. AVI is the “wrapper” but not the codec, so that explains why some work but some don’t. Adobe PP doesn’t have the codecs to handle all these different formats, I’m betting. After encoding them, I am able to work with them in Premiere Pro (depending on what presets I use in Adobe Media Encoder–some produce good results for PP and some don’t).

      If you have Adobe Media Encoder, perhaps you can try this and see if it works?

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