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      Hey, I’m new to this forum, but it seems really helpful. I wasn’t able to find a topic about the problem I am having, so I thought I would make a new post. I’ve been searching everywhere for a solution to no avail.

      I am editing using Premiere Pro and had to go through a silly series of steps to get video from a friend’s Sony mini DVD camera (ack!) via USB onto a Mac, export as mpeg4, transfer it to my PC, use mpeg streamclip to covert the file to .mov using the Apple DV/DVC PRO – NTSC compressor with uncompressed sound. The clip is about 30 min. long. Everything imported fine, except that about halfway through the clip, the sound cuts out. Anyone have any ideas? I did a shorter clip (about 6 min.) and have no sound problems with that one…so I’m wondering if it is the length? when I tried to import the .mov again, it had less sound.

      Any help would be appreciated. I’m a novice at figuring out codec details. Thanks!

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