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      I have a lot of Hi8 video that I thought it would be clever to copy to DVD for safety. I used a Home Entertainment DVD recorder (S-Video of course) and produced a good stack of DVDs. Now it is time to use some of the footage from them and I need advice on the best way toproduce dv-avi clips from my DVDs. These clips will then get mixed with standard dv footage from my GL2.

      All help greatly appreciated.

      Thank you


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      You will need a 3rd party tool, mpegstreamclip is free, videoredo is not but both will work.

      Premiere Elements will import/rip DVDs, Premiere Pro will not.

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      Another thought,

      If you don’t want to experience loss of quality I recommend you capture the original tapes directly into Premiere Pro using a Digital Converter or Digital Camcorder with Pass Through.

      Going from Hi 8 to DVD to a format conversion program to Premiere Pro to AVI to MPEG will due two things, give the program fits and cause some definite quality loss at the end.

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