Imovie HD 11 Is BS

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I had an "iMovie HD 6" and this program, to me, was an editors dream come true. Edited tons of videos with tons of options and effects. Now I get this "iMovieHD11" and it is, to say the least, BS. It has nowhere near the kinds of audio and visual editing options that the "iMovie HD 6". Instead, it has maybe a third of that. Apple really underdone itself with any release after the iMovieHD6. The imovieHD11 "does" have "some" unique options and features - but barely a third compared to the "iMovieHD6", plus the extra options they "do" have is what I "don't need". Apple sucks now. This program sucks. I think I will take back the $1700.00 I paid for the computer since it was mainly for editing and get an IBM. Apple really shot itself in the foot. And I would throw a pie in the face of the idiot who made all of the cuts to the iMovie programs after imovieHD6. Apple, your post "imovieHD6" programs suck and I have made videos for years. If any of you are ardent video makers and stuff, don't get any post imovieHD6 programs. Use them instead for target practice. The iMovieHD11 sucks.

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 This is similar to the reaction to FCP X... as someone who jumped the Apple (FCS 2 w/FCP 6) ship for Adobe Production Premium on 'PC' hardware, the transition wasn't painful and everything works really well together.

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Welcome to the PC family!

H.Wolfgang Porter, Composite Media Producer Dreaded Enterprises Unlimited, Inc.

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 Glad to be back- it's been over a year and I gotta say, not having to pay the 'Mac-tax' to produce content is pretty great (as is 64-bit editing native codecs on systems that we can build/update w/out so many danged limitations).

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As much as I love Apple, I must say I admire your bravery Kenkyusha! We're using Production Premium here ourselves!