iMovie '11 Will Not Post To YouTube

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I did iMovie '09 and had no trouble uploading to YouTube.I upgraded to iMovie '11 and get a message "YouTube has found an error" and it will not upload. Is the problem with my iLife '11. Do I need to reload it or go back to ILife '09? Or is something else the problem. My tapes are backing up and I need to get them posted!

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What format are you saving in?

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have you run "software update" on your mac?

have yo checked the ap store (if that is where you got your copy) for any updates?

have you entered the proper youtube account/password settings?

if yes to above:

have you run disk utility and "Repair Permissions" on your hard drive?

last resort:

look for this file:

(your hard drive)/users/(your user name)/library/preferences/

and drag it to the trash.

you may have several copies of this file.....

once done restarting imove should forget any user setting you have made and you will have to re-enter your youtube passwords etc but should work.

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Make sure your finished project is a complete movie file and not just a file image. Make sure you saved/rendered it out as a .mov or .dv file (Quicktime or DV) While I do not use the latest and most current iMovie (when I DO use it for a minor project) making sure the settings are as noted above has generated something that YT appears to be happy with. That, and making sure your final project doesn't exceed YT's length and size restrictions. Also, if your project has copyrighted music you will initially get a "silenced" audio track with visuals only playing. Over time, too many such occurrences and your account will be discontinued.

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Earl, I STRONGLY recommend you acquaint yourself with the latest version of imovie.

two reasons:

one: it imports into apples pro res (believe it or not) which makes editing from different formats like hdv, avchd, and mjpeg avi's seamless....

Two: take a look on youtube for finalcut x, and you'll see the next generation of finalcut pro, might as well be called iMovie pro.....

anything you learn in imovie (latest version) will carry over to final cut pro x