iMovie ’09 Branding your video.

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      I though I’d share a tip for my favorite movie editor… imovie ’09.

      Why is it my favorite?

      For a basic edit it is fast and easy and surprisingly powerful.

      The best features are it’s integration with other iLife aps and sharing with youtube, facebook, mobile me and iDvd.

      So for getting a short clip out of your camera, and onto youtube it is amazingly easy.

      But what about copyright protection? sure you could use the built in titles, but for a small business, you may want a logo or custom look to your clips. Here is one way that I love:

      open your image editor (photoshop elements for example) and make a new file, (in the new file pull down menu choose hdtv high res for example or 16×9), name it then fill it with a nice chroma green color.

      Now open any jpeg or gif files you have with your company logo, or any designs you may created and drag them into your new project, free transform them to get them sized where you want them.

      Lay in your copyright notice, and other text.

      now paint or lay in any edges, or brushstrokes around the edges.

      Save as a jpeg and close the project (keep the psd version so you can edit each layer later, like next year when you need to bump the date up a year.

      your finished image may look something like the one I made below.

      Bring your jpeg into iPhoto.

      Now once in iPhoto ’09, you can access your image in the photos section of iMovie’s media browser.

      take your video and create a new project and when finished the cuts, drag your jpeg from the browser right onto the video in the project box and you’ll get a pop up menu with several options. click on “Green Screen” and it will overlay your photo onto your video. drag the edge of your overlay to resize it to the length of your video clip and you are ready to publish to Youtube or Facebook or mobile me.

      For a short clip this takes minutes!

      here’s an idea what a finished image might look like:

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      Nice, simple how-to. Thanks for sharing, Don.

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      This is a great idea and I’m always surprised at how many Youtube videos lack a watermark of some kind, even a simple icon in the bottom right corner or something, to identify them. Or credits or whatever. Great idea.

      Is green screen the best way to do it? I have Adobe Master Collection and I’m just learning my way around that software, but drafting it with a black background and then selecting “Screen” for that layer seems to accomplish the same thing but you don’t have to worry about green color problems. Any thoughts on that? Just curious. But this is a great way to do it, without a big hassle every time!

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      with FCE you got way more options (layered blending modes, but this is for imovie ’09 and greenscreen is the best for this easy sharing tip.

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      Ahh, I understand that now. I’ve used Pinnacle Studio for years (and will continue to use it for smaller projects) and this techniquie will work well with that!

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      Don, would that same, or similar, approach be possible with someone using iMovie’06, you think/know? Curious.

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      Well Earl, I’m not sure. See ’09 has the green screen function built in, prior to ’09 I used Imovie hd and I don’t think it did chroma keying with out an external plugin… Maybe quicktime pro, definately FCE and also if you like playing with quartz composer…

Viewing 7 reply threads
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