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      Yea i had a question. I am trying to get a picture from the video I capture on adobe but I am not sure how to do it. Am i supposed to go in a batch capture or what

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      Once you capture you video into your non-linear editor you can export a frame from most non-linear editors. Just look through your manual or on-line help to find out or even post a question here on-line listing the specific software that you are using.

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      This is premiere? yeah. you can batch capture by logging all in / outs first, then click on batch capture afterwards and it will do it all for you. Make sure each different tape gets its own name, and also each clip. also make sure you highlight video 1 + audio 1 + 2.


      you can capture manually by lining up tape and pressing the record button then stopping when youve got wot u need.

      good luck. jay

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